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about the studio

We’re Europe’s largest yoga business. Since 2013, over 100,000 people have immersed themselves in a Hotpod class at one of our 50+ locations around the world. We first landed in Newcastle in 2017.

Join us at our  studio for yoga in its most potent form. You’ll stretch further, breathe deeper, sweat harder and melt fully into the Hotpod experience – a balanced flow of active and passive postures, working the body and calming the mind in equal measure. You’ll step into our 20 person pod and immediately find yourself a million miles away from the every day. Bring water and a towel to enjoy the unique immersion that is a Hotpod Yoga class. To understand it, you’ve got to experience it

studio facilities

  • Changing
  • Mats
  • Parking
  • Showers

Signature Inflatable Studio

Vinyasa flow

37 degrees

All levels welcome

find us

The Northumberland Club, N.Jesmond Ave, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE2 3JU, GB

Find Us

Our studio is located at: The Northumberland Club Jesmond, 143 N Jesmond Ave, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 3JU. We're over the moon to be able to reopen our studio, and we're doing everything we can to protect our customers and teachers. Here's a few of the changes that you can expect:

Please help us by not coming to class if you’re not feeling well or showing any symptoms of coronavirus. Try and arrive 15 minutes before the class starts so that we have time to get you set up. For security reasons, we really can't let anyone in if late, so expect a locked door once the class starts. We have a 12 cancellation policy on all classes, cancellations within that timeframe will not be refunded. If you're arriving by car there is free parking on the club grounds or if coming by metro, we are a short 5/10 mins walk. Any questions? Ping us an email.

Kerry Sweeney

In 2018 I travelled to Rishikesh in India where I completed my Yoga Teacher Training. I’ve practiced Yoga for many years and having experienced the benefits both mentally and physically, I wished so much to share this practice with others.
It has been amazing sharing Yoga with others, especially people who have never tried it before. Witnessing the benefits it has brought into their lives too is wonderful and I am looking forward to continue to do this with the Hotpod Newcastle team.

Rachel Kelly

Rachel starting practising yoga a few years ago when a friend recommended Hotpod Yoga. After just one class, she was addicted.

Having trying many types of yoga, she realised her love of heat and yoga combined and knew she had to pursue this passion and become a yoga teacher.

“After that first yoga class, the heat, the feeling – both physically and mentally – was amazing. I want to teach other people how to experience the huge benefits that practising yoga can bring to your life.”

Zoe Moorton

In 2016, I trained in the foot of the Himalayas, India and have been teaching in a variety of styles since. My favourite thing about yoga is the warm buzz at the end of the class when everyone has messy hair, big smiles and are feeling more human. I tend to match my style and sequences to the energy of the room and always encourage students to listen to how they feel both mentally and within their bodies. I teach in an inclusive, friendly and relaxed manner and it’s always my goal to make people laugh and feel at home.

Katie Ross

I completed my yoga teacher training in 2019, 10 years after I first stepped on a yoga mat. I have gained so many benefits from my own yoga practise, building both physical strength and mental resilience. Yoga brings an opportunity to focus solely on yourself and switch off from the world – even more so in the pod! As a teacher I love to guide a flow that is suitable for every level, to help all yogis experience the magic of yoga!

Sarah Cowley

Sarah found Yoga 8 years ago and it has made such a positive impact on her life both physically and mentally. “Stepping onto my mat gives me an instant sense of well-being, I love how makes you feel calm yet energised, supple yet strong”

Sarah completed her 200hr Vinyasa teacher training in 2018 with the aim to help invoke those feelings in others. “I hope to see you in the pod soon!”

Natalie Lyon

My background is based in fitness and dance. I love physicality and movement as a way to express and release. Yoga gives so many physical, mental and spiritual benefits it balances both mind and body. It challenges and it provides freedom. After completing my 200hr YTTC in India this summer I am excited to share yoga at Hotpod Newcastle.

Terri-anne Edgar

Yoga is amazing and has changed my life in so many ways, challenging my body whilst creating space in my mind. I’m so passionate about sharing the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of Yoga with as many people as I can through teaching.

Claire Naisby

I found yoga a number of years ago as the perfect antidote to the stresses of the modern world, becoming hooked on the challenge it provided on the mat and sense of calm off the mat. I travelled to Goa, India in 2018 for my 200 hour yoga teacher training and haven’t stopped learning since. Join me for sweat, wobbles and, most importantly, smiles!

Stacey Olson

Stacey began practicing yoga in Canada in 2007. Both the physical and mental benefits became slightly addictive and Stacey knew she had to take her practice further and completed her teaching training in 2015.

“After stepped into the pod for the 1st time I knew I had to be a part of the team. I’m always looking to learn more and further develop my practice.”

Sidonie Graham

Sid first found her love of yoga in 2016 through rock climbing as a member of the GB Climbing Team. In February 2019, she travelled to Rishikesh India to deeper discover the traditional practice and teachings. Here, she completed her 200HR Teacher Training.

‘I truly believe that Yoga is a healer. As both a practioner and a teacher, I aim to translate this faith in an informative and positive style to my students. Daily practice has enriched me both physically and mentally and I hope to fuel this continuation to the Yogi’s of the North East within the pod.’

Christine Heslop

Chris started practising yoga 10 years ago as an addition to her running training. She completed her 200 hours TT in India in 2016 and have recently returned to India to complete 500 hours TT.

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing those I teach, enjoy their practice, feel good physically and mentally and challenge themselves”.

Rae Davidson

In late 2017 I walked into my first hot yoga class and so began my passionate love affair with yoga! In 2018 I travelled to the birthplace of yoga in the Himalayas and completed my 200hr YTT so I can share the yogi magic with the world.

Poppy McGrady

In December 2017, I travelled to India to complete my 200 hour teacher training certificate in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow. I teach to bring students to the heart of yoga, to strengthen and tone the body and calm the mind. My teaching style is laid back, light-hearted and suitable for anyone at any stage on their yoga journey.

Becky Mendoza

Having had the pleasure of studying with some inspirational teachers in northern India I returned to Newcastle qualified to share the benefits of a regular yoga practice, I love helping others find space in both the body and the mind.

Louise Edwards

Louise is a passionate and energetic Vinyasa Flow Teacher with a love of creating flows, teaching and sharing her love for yoga. She also absolutely love practicing in the heat.

“Yoga 100% changed my life for the better and since I completed my 200 hour Teacher Training in 2017 I haven’t looked back.”

Clare Renwick

I qualified back in 2009 and have been teaching ever since. I’m a firm believer that even though I am now a teacher, I am first and foremost a yoga student and I always seek out opportunities to evolve and learn more about the practice.

Hans Bartholdi

Hans signed up for a 500 hour teacher training course at the start of 2012. Trips to India to practice and train have helped me to expand my experience and to develop a fun, dynamic style of teaching. I try to keep instructions simple, giving options from easy to more advanced poses allowing each student to go to the point they feel comfortable with. Occasionally though, I like to encourage the more regular students to bump themselves out of that comfort zone and to push their boundaries.

Pamela Galbraith

Pamela stumbled upon her first ever yoga class when some yogis entered the studio following the ballet class she had been teaching. Always excited to see how yoga evolves, Pamela stepped into the pod and immediately felt the yogi warmth!! She has been teaching yoga and ballet regularly for many years and is happy to bring her fun and easy-going attitude into the pod.

Kristy Newburn

In 2014 Kristy had the privilege of practising yoga in various ashrams around India. While living in Queenstown, NZ she completed her YTT course specialising in Vinyasa Flow.

“You each have access to a beautiful, personal yoga journey, and as a teacher I am fortunate to witness the unveiling.”

Alex Hurley

Alex always enjoys a physical challenge and when his wife Jules told him about Hotpod, he knew he had to try it! He got straight on the train to London and was hooked, he knew then that this was something to take back to the people of Newcastle. HPYNewcastle offers A.M and P.M classes and plans to expand the timetable in future.

Jules Hurley

As a physiotherapist and keen sports person, Jules has always believed ‘Movement is Medicine’ and found yoga as a child through watching her mum practice and then later as part of her martial arts training. Although it wasn’t until at university that Jules found essential headspace and calmness on the mat. It was also during this time she toyed with the idea of training to become a teacher. Fast forward 9 years, countless practices, 2 children and a furbabe and there she was completing her 200 hours yoga teacher training. Jules loves to share her passion for yoga, especially to those new to practice and special population. She continues to further explore the philosophy and history of yoga and is always found trialling new local classes and workshops. Jules’ favourite thing about Hotpod is walking in and experiencing that instant sense of calm and comfort from the immersive warmth and glow of the pod.

Orly Ashkenazi

Orly has always had an interest in the more spiritual, less conventional aspects of life. In 2016, she threw caution to the wind and travelled off to India to complete her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Keralan monks in 2018 she completed her 500 hour YTT. She recently discovered the physical and spiritual joys of Hotpod Yoga, and is beyond excited to be part of the team!

the founder

Alex Hurley

Alex spent 10 years working with the MOD as an Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor, and discovered Yoga when using it at home on a DVD. When his wife Jules told him about Hotpod, he knew he had to try it! He got straight on the train to London and was hooked, he knew then that this was something to take back to the people of Newcastle. After HPY came to Newcastle on tour in April 2016 and seeing it spread across the world, Alex knew it was something he needed to be involved in. Hotpod Yoga Newcastle launched in 2017 and has been spreading hot vibes across the city ever since!

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