Translations: Romanian

How hot does it get?

Around 36 – 38 Degrees.

Should I eat before hand?

Try not to eat less than an hour before class.

Are we allowed to drink during sessions?

Of course – it’s not always best to drink a lot during a session, as it can make you uncomfortable, but a little sip here and there – absolutely!

Is an hour (or 45 minutes) long enough?

We know that not everyone has the luxury of 90 minutes spare for yoga. But we’ll work you hard and get your heart pumping – an hour’s plenty of time for a thorough workout and to escape your day-to-day.

What’s the difference between Hotpod Yoga and Bikram?

Bikram is a well-known US-based hot yoga franchise. It is a strict practice, made up of 26 postures, practiced for 90 minutes. Some of our postures are similar to the Bikram sequence, as both forms derive from the same root of yoga. However, our sequences are an hour (or 45 min) long, slightly less hot, typically more flowing and are less prescriptive (we allow room for creativity, so that not every class or teacher will be exactly the same). Crucially, Hotpod Yoga is portable – held in our very own pods – unlike anyone else!

What’s the purpose of the pod?

The pod allows us to create a wonderful hot yoga studio anywhere. It’s an amazing, tranquil environment to practice yoga.  And we like inflatables – doesn’t everyone?!

What’s the advantage of meditation/focusing on breath?

Introducing meditative practices helps us release stress and anxiety, promoting clarity of mind, better focus and increased energy and alertness.

Why hot?

The heat makes the heart and lungs work a little harder – helping you burn more calories, and giving you a great cardio workout. Warmth also increases flexibility – easing joints and muscles and helping prevent injury. Sweating also helps us eliminate toxins, cleansing the body. Finally… well, it’s just nice!

Why Yoga?

The physical and mental benefits of Yoga are innumerable. Aside from a challenging workout, yogi’s seek to balance the body and mind through physical exercises and controlled breathing – it’s about an all round greater sense of well being.

What to wear?

We recommend shorts (with nets!) for men, and a t-shirt if you wish. Women should wear gym kit – legging/shorts and vest top (remember, it does get sweaty!)

What to bring?

Nothing special, just water and a towel.

Can I do Hotpod Yoga while pregnant?

Unfortunately not. The heat makes it quite high exertion and raises the body temperature – both not entirely safe when pregnant. So, we recommend finding a great pregnancy yoga class and then coming to see us after the baby’s born!!

Do you provide mats?

Yes, mats are provided – you’re welcome to bring your own, but there’s one there waiting for you (for free), just be sure to bring a towel.