Hotpod Yoga Bucharest


Mirela Mardare

Mirela grew up in Bucharest and moved to London in 2005 to start her career in banking. It was there where she discovered yoga and immediately fell in love with the practice. She has always dreamed of taking on an entrepreneurial challenge, combining her financial skills with her hobbies, so when the Hotpod Yoga opportunity arose the decision was easy to make. She hopes the experience will help her pursue yoga in more depth and inspire others back home do the same.

Anca Strugariu

Anca has experience in finance and consulting and is based in London. She first discovered yoga during a detox holiday in Portugal and became totally hooked. The experience was totally transformative and she has since travelled to India to deepen her knowledge. In 2015 she completed her teacher training in the Sivananda Netala Ashram in the Himalayas. She was the driving force in bringing Hotpod Yoga to Bucharest and looks after the franchise strategic development.

Alexa Boeriu

Alexa lives in Bucharest and has a vast experience in marketing and PR. She loves all things healthy and is an entrepreneur at heart; one of her feats was to introduce organic pet food for the first time in Bucharest. When she first heard her best friends were bringing Hotpod Yoga to Bucharest, she saw it as a great opportunity to get involved. Alexa was new to yoga when the studio first opened, now she can’t live without it.

Ana Ioniță

Ana was 23 when she met Hotpod Yoga, in 2016. At first it was curiosity as she was very new to yoga, but in time she started to love more and more the practice, the studio and the team. She already was keen on a healthy lifestyle, she participated to many marathons, so joining the team was natural for her. Now she is in charge with running day to day operations in our lovely studio.

The story so far

Translations: Romanian

Alexa, Mirela and Anca have been best friends for over 20 years. They met in secondary school, went on to high school together and shared all kinds of experiences growing up. It then seemed a natural step to start a business together.

Anca first discovered Hotpod in London in 2014 and it was love at first class. The cocoon-like inflatable heated pod transported her a million miles from the world outside and made her forget the ever-present blackberry. She shared this discovery with Alexa and Mirela and they all realised that their friends back home will love it. Hotpod Yoga Bucharest first opened its doors in January 2015 and during almost 3 years thousands of clients tried our classes. After a 10 month break we are now excited to re-open the studio in a new location in September 2018.