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about the studio

We’re Europe’s largest yoga business. Since 2013, over 100,000 people have immersed themselves in a Hotpod class at one of our 50+ locations around the world. We first landed in Pretoria in 2015, and launched our new studio in Olympus in September 2018.

studio facilities

  • Changing
  • Mats

20 person classes

Vinyasa flow

37 degrees

All levels welcome

find us

Olympus Village, Shop 37, Olympus Road,Olympus, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0081, ZA

Find Us

Our Olympus studio is located inside Olympus Village Shopping Centre on the corner of Olympus and Achilles Road. Next to ASG Cycles and across from Burger King. Don't sweat, there's plenty of secure parking.


I’m Gill and I started practicing yoga when I was 16 years old. I fell in love with it and so this year I completed my 200 hours Yoga Teachers Training Course with Hotpod Yoga.

My aim is to create an environment where everyone is comfortable with the level their at, whether it be from being a complete beginner to a regular attendee. I also, however, would like to motivate students to challenge themselves and to aid them in not becoming complacent in their progress. Essentially, I want students to feel proud and satisfied with whatever effort they put into their practice.

My ultimate goal is to have students leave their class feeling totally refreshed and confident to tackle whatever life throws at them.

***My dream is to teach yoga at Coastal Town in the South of France where I can deeply breathe in and appreciate the beauty of nature.


There are few things more rewarding than providing space for little hearts to shine.
Personally, I think growing up is overrated and even after having the hard-earned title of Mommy bestowed upon me (twice) I much prefer playing in the colorful places where soul and spirit meet to dance.
I’ve studies Nature, Art, Mindfulness and Yoga; Vinyasa, Pre/Post Natal and Kids Yoga, yet my own two kids remain my greatest teachers and from this experience, I can say (with full confidence) that it is really really important to play.


I am an Eden Pilates qualified teacher and just received my Hotpod yoga teacher qualification. I go on crazy hikes and love long drives to amazing destinations. My doggy Whisper always comes 1st. I am kind yet my students always work harder then they expected. I keep on growing to a better version of myself with each day and trust that every day is going to be the best day again. Because all we have is right now and the best of now is now.


Anli officially completed her teacher training through Hotpod Yoga in 2019. She is a love addict and takes it in large dosages, you will find her cuddling up with her Great Dane. She is a talented photographer and videographer with an eye for beauty. She describes herself as soft, wild, silly and determined: her aim is to help students hold themselves gently wherever they are at. She facilitates space for students to grow and work hard where needed. ❤


I attended my first yoga class in 2008 and has never stopped since. As my love and passion for yoga grew and I noticed how every aspect of my life was being transformed, a deep desire to share this with people developed.

So, in 2015, after spending some time in the Sivananda Ashram in the South of India, I completed a 500hr TTC course in Integral Hatha Yoga. I became a registered teacher with the Yoga Teachers Fellowship shortly thereafter.

My aim is to present students with the tools to cope with the many challenges they face daily. To help them find inner peace amidst their stressful lives, connect with a deeper part of themselves, still their minds, and at the same time move and strengthen their bodies.

Talitha Fraser

Talitha has been a yoga enthusiast for many years. She was drawn to yoga as a means to connect to body and mind. Coming from a teaching background she enjoys interacting with students and sculpting the experience to include everyone. She has a very calm approach to teaching but makes sure that everyone leaves the class feeling like they earned Savasana at the end.


Hotpod Yoga Fanatic. She is passionate about delivering a class that will leave you feel calm and well-worked. With years of experience in the corporate world, she has one aim in mind – to leave you feeling balanced and relaxed.


My yoga journey started in 2011, since then I have practiced yoga on and off in conjunction with other sports. Two years ago I realized that it had a significant impact on me, both physically and mentally and wanted to learn more. I finished my 200hr-RYT Certificate in 2017 and my journey has led me to teach different styles and tailor my classes to the attendees. I love practicing a variety of styles, but find myself mostly drawn to Vinyasa Flow classes.


Johlene is an artist with a love for yoga. She started practicing yoga 4 years ago and recently completed her 200 HYTT. She was drawn to yoga philosophy in pursuit of joy and has found it to be powerful medicine in healing body and mind.


Our own tea guru has successfully completed her 200hr RYT course. She’s been practicing yoga for over 10 years on – and – off but it was only in the past 5 years that Yoga became a necessity & lifestyle to her. She focuses on connecting the mind and breath through movement on the mat whilst integrating correct alignment where needed. She has a passion for teaching & interacting with people and hope to motivate & inspire them.


Movement nerd, passion for people, works as a biokineticist, focuses on alignment and strength to help healthy and injured bodies perform better.


Nastassja falls in love with yoga every time she steps on the Mat. She appreciates the gifts her students give and aspires to inspire.


She loves to facilitate the growth in people & being witness to the shifts of mind and body, she finds it being quite humbling. Through her communication degree she found huge passion for the exchange yoga teaches in communication between mind, body & spirit.

She loves combining playfulness, thoughtfulness and of course loads of movement, focusing on physical and mental strength.


Coming Soon..


Abedah is an emerging teacher based in Johannesburg and Pretoria respectively. Her yoga journey began in 2014 and continues to flourish to date. Abedah enjoys yoga as a way of maintaining a healthy body and sound mind. Abedah spent 2 years maintaining her own asana practice before moving on to complete her 300 HR Hatha yoga certification. Abedah is excited to share her perspective on leading a yogic lifestyle with all who seek to know more. “There is so much to learn from facilitating a space for yogis to safely explore their bodies. As teacher, I am passionate about making yoga accessible for people of all walks of life.”

Expect a class with emphasis on safety, correct alignment, easy-to-follow sequencing and modifications of postures – making it an experience for all levels.


Mischa is proud to be one of the first representatives of Hotpod Yoga South Africa – and is leading HPY Pretoria!

She obtained her 200 hour yoga teachers training qualification in Rishikesh, India where she had the pleasure of learning under the guidance of Acharya Vinay Chaitnyaryt. Her classes are dynamic Vinyasa Flow, integrating alignment, core work, and breathing techniques with basic poses and the creative sequencing from the Hotpod Yoga UK team. She has a simple yet dynamic way of communication and believes in understanding each and every individual she teaches. She loves teaching people to move their bodies for all round physical and mental goodness. Her understanding and hands-on ability to teach deepens from having experience as a gymnast and a former Pilates instructor. She finds joy incorporating yoga into her own everyday life.

the founder

Mary-Anne Oldfield

Mary-Anne, born and bred in sunny South Africa, has lived in Pretoria East for the last 8 years with her amazing husband and children. After many years in the corporate world, Hotpod Yoga has been a dream come true. Mary-Anne found Hotpod Yoga while searching for the ultimate in working the body while leaving behind the stress and pressures of life. She fell in love with Hotpod and knew she had to become part of it. After taking on the Menlopark studio, Mary-Anne knew she needed to bring it closer to home in Pretoria East, and so launched the Olympus studio in 2018.

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