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about the studio

As we’re not able to run in-studio classes at the moment, we’re coming to you with live online classes for you to stream at home. For class times and more, take a look at the studio schedule above, then book your spot.

To help keep the HPY community safe and healthy, and to ensure that we’re doing our bit in helping the effort to combat coronavirus, we’re temporarily stopping running classes. We are monitoring the latest advice and will reopen as soon as possible. Keep an eye on our social media pages for further updates, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

studio facilities

  • Changing
  • Mats
  • Showers

20 person classes

Vinyasa flow

37 degrees

All levels welcome

find us

Margaretenstraße 70 Stiege 2/2, Wien, Wien, 1050, AT

Find Us

You can best reach us via U4 Kettenbrückengasse or the 59A Ziegelofengasse. Once you get here, just enter inside the beautiful courtyard, Stiege 2 is the second building on the left and come up to the first floor. Showers are available.

Christiane Burghofer

Christiane started doing yoga after graduating her musical theatre education and was immediately fascinated by the power of it. Her job as an actress and performer can be very stressful because you’re always exposed to criticism from the outside. Yoga helps her to trust in herself and her instincts and that it’s okay to be proud of yourself. And that is also what Christiane wants to give to her students – a feeling of being proud of who you are.

Bianca Johanna Kern

Bianca came across Yoga during a mentally very challenging time in her life, and on the yoga mat she found peace. Yoga helped her to not only release tensions in her physical body and become more flexible, but also to develop more mindfulness and become more intentional on- and off the mat. Amazed by all the wonderful benefits, Bianca is happy to share the gift of yoga with you!
In her classes she brings you back into the present moment. She also dares you to challenge yourself and eventually reveal some of your hidden potential.

Carina-Roxana Isima

Roxana used to be a musical actress with some roles as a dancer. After spending the entire summer in California 10 years ago to vacation there, she feared that she would lose stamina and flexibility during this period without any dance training. She started looking for an alternative training program for her dance training and discovered yoga for herself. Yoga quickly became much more than just physical training. The yoga practice became her absolute passion. It has helped her become stronger, both physically and mentally.

Sophie Haslinger

After practicing yoga for several years, Sophie intensified her practice in 2017 while living in Chicago and studying with Daren Friesen. For her, yoga became the perfect companion for everyday life, helping her to balance and live more consciously. She views yoga as a powerful toolkit anyone can use to cultivate physical, mental, and emotional strength and balance. In her energizing classes she combines strengthening postures with a focus on alignment, the harmony of breathing and a playful ease. She encourages that her students walk away from class happy, stronger, and more present.

Jonathan Rivas

Jonathan came across yoga in 2010 after moving to Germany, and he felt in love immediately with it. Jonathan is incredibly passionate about movement and the human body and strive to honor the mind/body connection in all of his teachings. The purpose of his classes are simple, to create a well balanced practice that creates a positive and rejuvenating energy for all yoga students.

Tamara Ebner

After coming across this wonderful practice, Tamara realised that yoga offered her a lot of new views and perspectives and helped her to really enjoy the moment, live life with more calmness and to gain a better body awareness – after each yoga practice she simply felt fantastic and full of energy.
That is why she decided to train and teach – she wants to share this wonderful feeling with anyone and everyone. She wants to help the students to focus, clear their minds and to leave the class with this amazing feeling of calmness and peace.

Stefanie Krallinger

Steffi came across Yoga while living in New Zealand in 2009 and is ever since convinced that Yoga is AMAZING and it can do so much good for everyone.

She first started teaching a group of friends and realized how much joy it is to share and teach something which you love and truly believe in.

After graduating from University and starting to work in an office job she fulfilled one of her dreams and started a Yogateachertraining.

Steffi’s classes are a combination of a strong physical practice which should challenge you a bit, as well as help you to free your mind and teaching you how to carefully listen to your body at the same time.

Her aim is to help her students to connect with their body, letting go of the day and bringing you to the present moment.

She says that Yoga gives her a feeling which is like coming home – coming home in your own body.

And this is exactly that feeling which she would like to share with her students so they can experience it themselves.

Laura Kleibl

Laura came across yoga while working in London, spending at least 10 hours a day at the desk in her corporate job. Initially she thought “yoga wasn’t really for her” and that she was “too inflexible anyways”. But only after two or three classes she started to feel not only the immense physical but also mental benefits and was totally hooked. Now she wants to help others feel those wonderful effects of yoga.

Laura’s classes are meant to teach students to feel and understand their bodies a little better. They combine a strong physical practice with mindfulness, breathing techniques and body awareness. Her aim is to help students destress both body and mind and leave feeling refreshed and reenergised.

Jana Krautloher

Jana came across yoga through a project paper at school at the age of 15 and has been hooked ever since. As yoga has helped her a lot along the way in terms of physical and mental health she`s happy to share this powerful tool in a playful and challenging way. Jana’s classes focus on creating awareness for body and mind and lead every student into his/her very own practice.

the founder

Laura Kleibl

Laura and Jean Philippe first heard about Hotpod Yoga in the summer of 2016 just before leaving their corporate jobs behind and immediately got impressed with the pod, the brand, the classes and everything Hotpod Yoga has to offer. While they had already scheduled a little world trip, upon their return they immediately decided on making this dream a reality and open the first pod in Austria. The two see this as a wonderful opportunity to do good for others, by helping as many people as possible into the pod, and providing them with this extraordinary experience.

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