Hotpod Yoga


Max Henderson

Max started London life as a strategy consultant, working with multinational corporations to improve the sustainability of their operations. Always an entrepreneur at heart, it was an easy leap to make when Hotpod Yoga began to take shape. With a late-blossoming love for yoga and a stint at London Business School under his belt, Max acts as Managing Director (client relations, sales, PR, press, finance and all that).

Nick Higgins

After a brief stint as a TV presenter, Nick spent 2 years working as a school teacher while training to be a full-time yoga instructor. Following teacher training at leading studio Yoga Haven in Morocco and Clapham, he began working at their hot studios in London. Combining the pedagogical approach with a fresh eye for business, he now acts as Operations Director (yoga, logistics, bookings, instructors etc).

The story so far

Yoga teacher Nick and strategy consultant Max have a simple mission: to make the benefits of hot yoga accessible in as many ways (and places) as they can think of. They passionately believe in the transformative potential of yoga, and are finding innovative ways to take it to everybody. That’s where the Hotpod comes in. Award winning designers Inflate and Nick Elias did battle with physics to come up with a portable, practical and hygienic studio that’s also simply a sublime yoga environment. With pods perfected and popping up all over and a franchising operation in place, it’s now all about the yoga. With specially balanced Vinyasa sequences designed to offer a high impact workout at all ability levels, Hotpod Yoga hopes to demystify yoga for a new wave of followers – widening the reach of its extraordinary benefits beyond the usual places, with the help of an unrivalled team of instructors.

The business was launched in 2013, with sell-out pop-ups around London: in Notting Hill, Hackney & Brixton- running daily classes at a range of locations. Corporate classes followed, with clients such as LinkedIn and Harrods offering Hotpod classes in-office. Then further expansion – across London initially, then the rest of the UK and overseas, through the Hotpod Yoga franchise network. The business continues to grow, but remains strongly anchored to it’s founding purpose – really accessible hot vinyasa yoga in a perpetually perfect, cocoon-like studio environment.

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