Hotpod Yoga Saffron Walden has been delivering a ‘real-life’ approach to yoga since its launch in February 2016.

You can find our studio at Dencora Park on Shire Hill, Saffron Walden with daily classes – suitable for every body and every mind: ladies, gentlemen, beginners, seasoned professionals, young and old! You need only bring water and a towel to enjoy the unique immersion that is a Hotpod Yoga class – an active and passive flow of postures in our other-worldly 20 person inflatable Pod – heated to 37 degrees to supercharge the yoga experience. Afterwards? Your mind will be a little calmer; your body a little looser, and yes – you’ll be a whole lot sweatier.

About us
Hotpod yoga pod

Our pods are beautiful, cocoon-like, pop-up, inflatable, heated studios. Holding up to 20 people, expect to be transported a million miles from the world outside into the perfect hot yoga environment.






How do I book?

All class purchases and registrations must be made in advance through our website or app.

I’ve never been before, what pass should I get?

For newbies we have an Intro Offer which gives you 12 days of unlimited yoga at our Saffron Walden Hotpod for only £12.

What do I need to bring? What should I wear?

You just need a bottle of water and a towel to lay on your mat, you can hire one from us if you forget! We recommend shorts (with nets!) for men, and a t-shirt if you wish.  Women should wear gym kit – legging/shorts and vest top (remember, it does get sweaty!)

Do you provide mats?

Yes, mats are provided – you’re welcome to bring your own, but there’s one there waiting for you (for free), just be sure to bring a towel to lay on your mat.

Do you have showers?

There are male and female toilets (key fob access) but unfortunately no showers in the dance studio.  There are a couple at the front of Stansted House near Bear Walden CrossFit which you can use, although they are in high demand.

Is there somewhere safe to keep my belongings?

We don’t have locker facilities, but the studio doors are locked during class, so whilst you’re zipped away in the pod, you can be sure your belongings are safe.

Should I eat beforehand?

If you need to eat before a class, try to wait at least two hours after a heavy meal and no less than an hour after a lighter snack.

How hot does it get?

37 degrees – hot enough to have a good sweat, but not so hot that you will leave us feeling faint.

I’ve never done Hot Yoga before will I be ok?

You will be absolutely fine!  All classes are beginner to intermediate, take the class at your own pace and remember you can take a break or restorative pose whenever you need.

Can I bring a friend?

Of course!  To refer a friend just email [email protected] with your friend’s name, email address and desired class and we will take care of the rest.  We will also add £5 credit onto your account to say thanks.

What’s the purpose of the pod?

The pod allows us to create a wonderful hot yoga studio anywhere.  It’s an amazing, tranquil environment to practice yoga.  And we like inflatables – doesn’t everyone?!

I’m on the waitlist for a class, what happens next?

As long as you have a valid class pass or active membership on your account, if a space opens up you will be added automatically and receive an email notification.  If this is within one hour of the class start time then you will need to confirm your place via your account

When are the studios open?

The studios are open 15 minutes before and after each class, between classes the studio is locked.

Can I book someone in on my account?

Unfortunately not, all customers must have their own unique account and class passes cannot be shared.

I’m having trouble booking classes using the app, help!

Please make sure you have signed the waiver by logging into your account on a web browser before trying to book via the app.  If that’s all done, make sure you’re logged into the right account.  If you’re still struggling contact us at [email protected]

Can I do Hotpod Yoga while pregnant?

Unfortunately not.  The heat makes it quite high exertion and raises the body temperature – both not entirely safe when pregnant.  So, we recommend finding a great pregnancy yoga class and then coming to join us after your bundle of joy is born.

Can children attend Hotpod Yoga?

We’re afraid not.  No under 16s allowed, unfortunately.  We have been known to run occasional kids classes though, but not on a regular schedule.

Venue info

  • Hotpod Yoga Saffron Walden

    2 Dencora Park, 18 Shire Hill, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB11 3GB, GB

    DetailsShire Hill is home to some of Saffron Walden's top health and fitness studios and we're very happy to join the family. Located at 2 Dencora Park, our bright and airy warehouse unit is easily visible from the main road. When PARKING please use the following spaces. DAYTIME CLASSES - 5 allocated spaces on the front of the studio (Unit 2) and any of the spaces on the rear of Dencora Park. There is a short walk through to the right of Unit 1 so that you needn't walk 'all around the houses'. EVENING CLASSES - Same as for daytime classes and also any spaces in front of units 1,3, 5 & 6. Please NEVER USE any of the spaces owned by KENT BLAXILL or any of the spaces in front of Unit 4. We apologise for any inconvenience caused but those spaces are on private land and there are lots of other options nearby. We have a comfy break-out area, three changing cubicles and two unisex changing rooms with toilets and showers.