Interested in owning your own yoga studio? Find out about franchising with Hotpod Yoga

About Us

Hotpod Yoga was launched in 2013 by yoga teacher Nick and strategy consultant Max. It was started with a simple mission: to reinvent yoga for the modern world. We wanted to create a supercharged approach to an ancient and powerful practice that could help take yoga out of its niche and into the lives of millions of people previously untouched by (or uninterested in) yoga. How? By creating a yoga experience like no other – one that turned up the dials to new levels. Deeper, more effective, more immersive, more intense, more appealing.

Embracing the future, while respecting the past, the Hotpod Yoga experience fuses innovative design and intricate detailing with high quality teaching and real personality.

Kicking-off with a sell-out series of pop-up classes around the halls of London, the business soon spread further afield – launching its first franchise in Swansea in 2013. Now with over 50 locations across 8 countries, Hotpod Yoga has grown into one of the world’s largest yoga businesses – a real revolution in yoga that’s well on its way to achieving its mission: millions of new yoga converts.

Our Classes

This is yoga in its most potent form. Expect to sweat harder, stretch further and immerse yourself deeper. The warmth of the studio and the physicality of the flows will work your body, while the dim lights, purple hues and immersive soundscapes will calm your busy mind. Expect an intense hit of yoga.

Our Studios

We worked with world-leading inflatable experts, top architects and heating consultants to create our unique, immersive, utterly perfect Hotpods, which sit inside our permanent studios. Clever technology and beautiful design make them the perfect yoga environment – they’re also patent approved in Europe (European Patent number 3060732), the US (US Patent no 9708830) and beyond!

Our Business

We run studios across London ourselves with our stellar team of Hotpod Teachers. We then support a growing network of franchisees around the world – a group of yoga entrepreneurs, empowered to run their own business with our support. Alongside that our Teacher Training School turns yoga fans into qualified professionals.

Our Purpose

A tiny percentage of our population do yoga. We’re firm believers in its transformational benefits and believe that delivering yoga in its most potent form is the secret to reaching an audience otherwise untouched by yoga. We want to convert the sceptics & draw in the doubters by supercharging the yoga experience.

Our People

We’re a business of people. We’re proud to have empowered franchisees around the world to launch and grow their own Hotpod businesses, we’re inspired to see our Teacher Training grads build fruitful careers, and above all else, we’re humbled by the hundreds of thousands of people who’ve immersed themselves in a sweaty Hotpod class.

Our Impact

Social and environmental impact is something we take really seriously. Of course we have to start with the honest fact that running hot yoga classes is likely to have a more negative environmental impact than not running hot yoga classes. But we wholly and completely see the delivery of our classes as a societally good thing – something that brings a positive impact to those who are able to enjoy it.

So, what we’ve sought to do is ensure, to every extent possible, that we run our business in a way that is the most environmentally efficient and ethically sound as possible. Whether it’s environmental efficiency in our design, sound selection of our suppliers or even the way we pay our staff – we do our very best to have the most postive impact we can on the world around us.