In simple terms, we take sustainability pretty seriously, because we care. And, even if we didn’t care, it’d still make sense to.

We’re not popping a little sustainability page up on our website to tick a box, we’re doing it because it matters to us and because we know it matters to lots of our clients and users. So we hope this goes a little way to ease any concerns.

We have to start with the honest premise that creating a hot yoga studio is more carbon intensive than not creating a hot yoga studio.

And also the fact that running hot yoga classes uses more electricity (which is probably from the grid and therefore powered predominantly by gas or coal) than not running classes. But also from the fact that we wholly and completely see the delivery of our product as a societally good thing – something that brings a positive impact to those who are able to enjoy it.

So, what we’ve sought to do is ensure, to every extent possible, that we run our business in a way that is the most environmentally efficient and ethically sound as possible.


Here are a few top lines:


We use the most efficient fans, lights and heating systems that money can buy (if anyone knows any different, please let us know!!). Our sessions, on average use about 10Kwh of electricity, that’s approx. £1.42 at UK national grid prices and equates to about 4.5kgCo2.


We use electric Renault ZE vans, charged off mains electrics. We minimise use where we can, to ensure minimum battery use and therefore minimum electricity consumption. We know it all adds up. Our franchisees choose their vehicles – our Amsterdam franchisee even carries her pod around on her bike!


As mentioned above, we know our business makes an environmental impact and we’re doing all we reasonably can to minimise that. For that impact we can’t reduce, we offset. We know it’s not perfect, but it’s the best we can do for the time being.