Social and environmental impact is something we take really seriously. Of course we have to start with the honest fact that running a hot yoga studio is likely to have a more significant environmental impact than not running one. But, we wholly see the delivery of our classes as a societally good thing – something that brings significant positive impact to those who are able to enjoy it.

So, what we’ve sought to do is ensure, to every extent practically possible, that we run our business in a way that is the most environmentally and socially responsible and positive as possible. We’re proud to say that our efforts have paid off and we’ve achieved B Corp Certification, joining a global networks of companies using their powers for good. You can read more about B Corp and see our full score HERE. Additionally, here’s our inaugural B Corp Report, issued in 2023.

How does this manifest itself?

Well, at the most fundamental level, we ensure that throughout the company, environmental and social impact is strongly considered in all decision-making processes. Not only is it considered, but it’s made an important priority – something we’re constantly striving to improve and happy to invest in.

Here are some of our key focuses at HQ

  • Reducing energy consumption through energy-efficient design and green energy sources

  • Responsible equipment & supplier selection

  • Minimising single use plastic and other packaging in our supply chain

  • Reducing waste in our studios. No single use plastic bottles, recycled, biodegradable mat wipes

  • Environmentally efficient transport & logistics

  • Fair pay and strong development for all staff, both full-time and freelance

  • Affordable classes and strong community relationships, including local discounting and partnerships

  • Working with our studio owners to share our best practice and help them improve the impact of their businesses

  • Hotpod Yoga Teacher Training scholarship programme

Find out more

We’re happy to send you a full and detailed assessment of our environmental and social impact and what we’re doing to improve it – just drop us a note at [email protected] to find out more. We’re also always keen to learn, so if you’ve got suggestions, please let us know.