With over 200,000 classes under our belt, a network of 250+ teachers and over 150,000 happy customers, we’re experts in what it takes to be a great yoga instructor. Our yoga teacher training program is the first step towards realising your dream of becoming a yoga teacher, and will equip you with the tools you need in order to thrive in an increasingly competitive industry.

Our approach to yoga teaching training is practical, modern and career-focused

We’re practical people – we ground everything we do in reality. Our teacher training courses focus on teaching in today’s modern world, and will equip you with all the tools you need to deliver a great class.

We respect the past while embracing the future – we’re humbled by the thousands of years of yoga tradition that’s come before us, but are focused on ensuring that it stays totally relevant today and in the future.

2024 Training Dates

Continued Education

  • Dates | 12th June - 13th October 2024
  • Course Duration | 20 hours
  • Teacher | Catherine Weston
  • Cost | £250 | Payment plans available - please email to enquire

A two day training course to confidently improve your sequencing skills, creating adaptable and inclusive classes.

Saturday 12th October & Sunday 13th October
Time: 9.30am - 5pm
Venue: Hotpod Yoga Teacher Training Academy, Hackney, London E8
You must be able to attend both days. Course fee is non-refundable.
Cost: £250
Payment Options: You can choose to pay in full or pay a £50 deposit, and then a payment plan will be available upon request, (once deposit is paid). Full fee must be paid in full before the course starts.

2025 Training Dates

200 Hour Teacher Training

  • Dates | 8th Feb - 12th July 2025
  • Course Duration | 200 hours
  • Teacher | Hotpod Yoga Lead Teachers
  • Cost | £3,000 | Payment plans available - please email to enquire

Exact dates for our February - July 2025 part-time course are:

Week 1: 8th - 14th February
Weekend 2: 14th - 16th March
Weekend 3: 11th - 13th April
Weekend 4: 9th - 11th May
Weekend 5: 13th - 15th June
Final Weekend: 7th - 12th July

  • Dates | 18th June - 14th December 2025
  • Course Duration | 200 hours
  • Teacher | Hotpod Yoga Lead Teachers
  • Cost | £3,000 | Payment plans available - please email to enquire

Exact dates for our June – December 2025 part-time course are:

Week 1: 18th - 22nd June
Weekend 2: 17th - 20th July
Weekend 3: 11th - 14th September
Weekend 4: 16th - 19th October
Weekend 5: 6th - 9th November
Final Week 11th - 14th December

Open Days

Meet the teaching team and find out more about the courses we have on offer.

Upcoming Sessions

Siân Goff

Siân has been teaching yoga for 7 years and practicing for 12. She has a down to earth, light hearted style and is passionate about creating a strong connection of breath and movement to create freedom in the body and mind. She has been a lead teacher with Hotpod since May 2019 and is humbled to be able to share her knowledge and deepen her teaching skills by training new teachers.

Elodie Frati

Elodie first moved to the UK from her native France to train as professional contemporary dancer. During this training she was introduced to Ashtanga yoga, and eventually became a teacher herself in 2013. Since then, Elodie has taught in London's top yoga studios, led workshops abroad, taught team GB white water canoeists, dancers, led retreats, managed yoga studios, mentored new teachers and trained in other movement systems. She now teaches Vinyasa, hot yoga, Yoga Nidra, Rocket and Jivamukti (for which she holds an advanced certification). Elodie's passion for the moving body also brought her to train as a sports massage therapist and embark on the long studies that will lead her to qualify as an osteopath in 2022! Elodie's classes are hands on, challenging, and of course rooted in anatomy without ever forgetting the joy for human movement.

Anastasis Tzanis

Anastasis started practicing Yoga in 2010, in the most unorthodox way: an Acroyoga class. He stayed devoted to the practice for 2 year, as he felt a profound impact in his stress levels. His eyes opened to the non-physical aspects of Yoga in an Anusara class with Katchie Ananda at the 1st Barcelona Yoga Conference. He has studied with guruji Andrey Lappa the founder of Universal Yoga, Patrick McKowen & Wim Hof. He owes a big part of his understanding of asana practice to Eileen Gauthier. He is also a Pilates, Buteyko method instructor & Nutritional Therapist.

Sunita Devi

Years of practicing led Sunita to embark on her journey as a teacher. She completed a 200 hour Hatha Yoga training with Yogahaven, a 300 hour Vinyasa training and a 50hr Yin training with Sampoona Yoga in India. Sunita creates a friendly and inclusive space where she encourages students to move mindfully, with an emphasis on breath and good alignment. Sunita sprinkles each class in yoga philosophy to get you to think about life on and off the mat and apply its benefits to our daily life. Yoga helps us centre and balance our lives in a way that keeps us naturally happy, healthy and emotionally stable. Sunita feels very grateful she can share the magic of yoga with others. Prior to teaching yoga, Sunita’s career spans back more than a decade working in learning and development. Sunita is a qualified practitioner in designing and delivering training in the field of self development, growth and leadership in the corporate world. Sunita has coached on a one to one basis and has worked with small intimate groups to delivering training to large groups of people.

Zivile Adulcikaite

Opposite to the usual route, Zivile’s Yoga journey started through Sanskrit texts rather than a mat. During her undergraduate training in Indian Studies, Zivile worked on classical Ayurveda and Hatha Yoga texts, translating parts of them from Sanskrit to her native Lithuanian. Zivile spent 2.5 years in India deepening her academic knowledge and language skills. She is trained in Ayurvedic Yoga massage and in 2020 did her 200hr YTT with HotPod. Zivile is extremely excited to share her love for Sanskrit with others on a Yoga journey.

Catherine Weston

Catherine has been teaching yoga for over a decade and has studied extensively with Jason Crandell and Alexandria Crow to an advanced level of teaching. She has a considered and creative approach to yoga and attended specialist workshops and courses including womens health trainings and impacts of trauma. Catherine teaches contemporary vinyasa flow yoga, weaving classical postures with modern techniques. Her classes are intuitive, creative and fluid, encouraging students to explore their bodies with freedom of movement, breaking ties with the external appearance of poses, tuning in to the internal sensory experience. Catherine is an experienced pre and postnatal yoga teacher, teaches restorative yoga and somatic movement. She is qualified in other disciplines including barre and aerobic style exercise. Catherine has taught classes in some of London’s top studios, including Triyoga, East of Eden, and Mission E1. She hosts workshops, courses and retreats in the UK and Europe. She's taught yoga to premier league footballers and their youth teams. She created A Fresh Approach a mentoring course for teachers and a comprehensive 85 hour prenatal yoga teacher training course.

Why HPY Teacher Training?

There are loads of teacher trainings out there and lots of them are great! So, rather than starting another great yoga teacher training course in the same mould as the others, we’ve decided to approach it in a genuinely different way. We’ll of course cover every critical element necessary to give you a solid and rich yoga foundation, but we also want to go above and beyond what you might expect. We’ve used our experience managing tens of thousands of classes, hundreds of teachers and nearly 40 yoga businesses to build a teacher training course designed to help people teach. To find out more, enquire below and we’ll send you our full course brochure.

Learnings and expertise from outside the world of yoga

We use learnings and expertise from outside the world of yoga to enhance our teachers’ skills. These include the following areas: Performance and public speaking – the world of business and theatre helps us learn about dealing with nerves and performing under pressure. The human body – the world of sports and medicine helps us take a practical look at what we’re made up of. Customer experience – retail expertise helps us understand how to build customer relationships, read body language and deal with difficult people! Brand and marketing – communications experts help us teach you how to market yourself and build a brand to help you achieve what you want to achieve in your teaching career.


“Amazing experience and really enjoyed the wide variety of presenters for the specialist topics.”

Greg, Feb 2022

We embrace design & technology

We’re a visual brand that embraces technology and design to enhance learning – we won’t be loading you up with photocopies from ancient textbooks, we’ll provide you with beautiful, easy-to-digest materials for you to refer back to for life as well as immerse yourself in during the course.

We give practical experience

We give people teaching experience while they learn. Students will be teaching from the start of the course to the end – starting small and growing as we go on. Teaching is a fast learning curve if you’re thrust into the fore – so that’s just what we intend to do.

“Brilliant course, not only does it cover the standard requirements but also covers teaching techniques, public speaking, customer service, considerations of running a business and brand building. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!”

Sharon, Jan 2022

Actual teaching is our focus

We cover all bases, ensuring a strong foundation across all the key pillars of yoga tradition and history but we focus predominantly on what’s practically important to be a great teacher.

“Joining Hotpod Yoga 200hr was the best choice I made for many reasons. High skilled teachers, they made a strong students team and the whole training was made perfectly adjusted by the circumstances of the virus. I strongly recommend this school. Thanks a lot to everyone… was a pleasure for me.”

Joaquim, April 2021

Free yoga!

You can keep your practise up at home for free – as part of the course, you’ll be getting involved in a range of classes from across the yoga spectrum but as well as that you’ll have free access to Hotpod Home during your studies.

“Fantastic training, very thorough. Would highly recommend.”

Sarah, Dec 2021

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