At Hotpod Yoga we provide highly accessible hot yoga classes in our cocoon-like, inflatable heated studios

Our style

Hotpod Yoga classes offer a ‘real-life’ approach to yoga in a completely otherworldly settinPreview Changes (opens in a new window)g. Refreshing and impactful, the classes have roots in vinyasa flow and are grounded firmly in reality – whether you’re there to work off a hangover, clear an over-stimulated mind or open-up an office-bound body, Hotpod Yoga delivers – guaranteeing to leave you with a (slightly sweaty) smile on your face as you emerge from the pod.

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Working the body, Calming the mind


Hotpod yoga pod

The hotpod

Pod (n): an inflatable, cocoon-like, 20-person yoga space, heated to 37 degrees, designed to transport Hotpod Yoga-goers into an otherworldly setting. The pod’s purpose is to super-charge the yoga experience through its unique and perpetually perfect interior (dim, purple lighting, beautifully scented with urban-chill tunes), which heightens efficacy, mellows ambience and guarantees a consistently immersive environment.

Working the body, Calming the mind

'Combining a deliciously calming atmosphere with an optimal workout temperature of 37 degrees (to aid flexibility), Hotpod Yoga brings together all the health benefits of yoga in one inflatable, pop-up pod. Each pod is designed to be deflated and transported easily to the next class, meaning it could appear anywhere, at any time. Keep your eyes peeled.'

'The dimly-lit purple studio is, at a gentle 37 degrees, peaceful and calming....When the class is over, I feel physically and mentally refreshed, and definitely understand the appeal of this calming yet physically challenging form of exercise.'

'The practice is a hot vinyasa flow and at 37 degrees, it'll have you sweating it out, hard. By the end you'll have a clear head limitless energy and a radiant demeanour.'

'Using Hotpod Yoga has been a revelation for us this season.... Due to the nature of the game we play having something of this quality available to us has been fantastic. Any sport/team serious about the wellbeing of their playing squad needs to have a Hotpod in their toolbox.'

'In those heavenly pods, you feel miles away from the rest of the world.'

'Nick explained that he and Max wished to make the benefits of hot yoga accessible in as many ways (and places) as possible....This philosophy certainly delivers. Aside from a challenging workout, mind and inner self was left balanced and contemplative. I felt empowered, motivated and at peace – I was physically and mentally on top of the world.'

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