Sleep Sessions

About Sleep Sessions

Sleep Sessions are all about hitting ‘pause’. In this intentional shutdown, a powerful recharge happens. One that’s both restorative, and rejuvenating. This is sleep-inducing yoga with gentle heat and a soft, flowing routine; perfect for anyone craving peak well-being in every aspect of life, rest included.

Who’s it for?

Sleep Sessions are suitable for everyone. We could all benefit from better sleep – from nighttime scrollers and bedtime over-thinkers to sleep-trackers and HIIT-seekers. Even if you hate hot yoga, you’ll love Sleep Sessions.

What should I bring?

Bring yourself, a large towel, comfortable clothes (maybe something with long sleeves and socks) and some water. We’ll provide mats and any other props that will be used in the class.

Sleep well, live well

Why is sleep important?

How we sleep has a huge impact on our mental and physical health – impacting us in ways we might not even realise. In a world of screens and endless to do lists, we could all benefit from learning how to really switch off and sleep better. 

What happens if you don’t sleep well?

Not getting enough or poor quality sleep can impact you mood, immune system, ability to focus, cardiovascular health and much more. Whilst not everyone can always get eight hours, you can make sure the rest you do get is truly optimised to help your body’s performance and recovery.

How can Sleep Sessions help?

Sleep Sessions fuses tried and tested relaxation techniques with the ultimate nurturing environment – our pods. The dim lighting, calming scents and immersive soundscapes all combine to make it the perfect cocoon to wrap yourself up and drift away in.

What’s the science?

We’ve worked with Dr Sophie Bostock – also known as the Sleep Scientist – and here’s what she has to say about the classes – “Many people struggle to switch off at night or wake up in the early hours with a racing mind. Chronic stress and poor sleep can push us into a chronic state of hyperarousal; we get stuck in ‘fight or flight’ mode. Yoga combines physical movement, breathwork and meditation techniques which develop the skill of deep relaxation. Research shows that yoga helps people to gain awareness and a sense of control over their minds and bodies, and there is evidence that regular yoga practice can help to improve not just strength and flexibility, but also immune function, mental health, sleep quality and overall wellbeing.”