Benefits of hot yoga in the summer

Benefits of hot yoga in the summer

Picture this.  It’s a hot summer’s afternoon.  You’re craving an evening Hotpod Flow but wonder if spending an hour in the Pod is absurd, considering that simply taking the bins out had you sweating up a storm.  Here’s the thing.  Hot yoga is something we can do all year round. In fact, practising in the summer on a scorcher of a day, has a few extra benefits.

The science behind the sweat.

While yoga is a fairly low intensity form of exercise, the heat of the Pod will raise your body temperature.  By mimicking the effects of a more intense physical activity, it increases your heart rate, providing a challenge for your cardiovascular system.  More so than unheated yoga.  And of course, regular cardiovascular exercise equals a healthy heart.  The summer heat elevates this.  Your ticker will thank you.  

If you struggle with the summer heat, hot yoga helps. 

Each time you step into the Pod’s warm embrace, your body acclimatises to the heat.  The more you do it and the hotter it gets in the summer, the quicker your body will be able to adapt in similar conditions.  Whether you’re exploring a new city in the sunshine, trail running in the Mediterranean heat or simply going about your daily routine.  The exposure from the Pod will regulate your body temperature. Ultimately, sweating in the Pod will prepare you for life’s sweatier moments. 

One exhale closer to touching those toes. 

The fact that it takes way less time in the heat to loosen up those muscles, is one of the amazing benefits of hot yoga.  Hot summer temperatures can prepare you further still, making even ‘warm up’ poses feel easier.  You’ll get to those deeper stretches sooner.  Whatever it is you’re working towards, be it reaching for your elusive toes or nudging closer to those infamous splits.  The summer heat, plus the pod will help you get there. Not to mention, the heat also improves range of motion, meaning happy joints. So long, creaky winter knees.

‘Me-time’ shouldn’t be seasonal.

Allocating time for you, is important whatever the weather.  The summer months can feel busy. Especially with longer days and irresistible blue skies to organise activities under.  We get it.  But the busier the calendar, the more reason to set aside time to maintain your self-care and routine practice.  An hour in the pod, with the world zipped away outside, will give you the space you need to re-centre inside.  Let the heat focus your mind, let the sweat melt distractions away.  You’ll leave the Pod feeling like you’ve gained back time.

Those sweet, sweaty endorphins.

The post-pod glow is real folks.  Those feel-good hormones will have you smiling from ear to ear.  Fact.  That’s true for any exercise, sure.  But of course, we believe there’s nothing better than a sweat session in the pod.  You’ll emerge elated and energised.  A spring in your step, ready to soak up the summer sun.

It’s YOUR practice.

The classes at Hotpod Yoga are created to make the most out of the heat and the time.  But you can always take classes at your own pace.  You can have breaks and sips of water at any point.  This is yoga remember, not boot camp.  Your teachers will offer you variations and modifications.  If the heat in summer feels a lot, why not take things down a notch?  You’ll still receive all the benefits.  Plus, you’ll reaffirm that all important relationship with yourself.  By listening to what your body needs.

We now have a non-heated offering: Sleep Sessions.

Sleep Sessions are the latest addition to Hotpod Yoga schedules.   If you want to pair your hot practice with a cooler one, this is perfect for you.  Sleep Sessions are a blend of breathwork, a soft restorative physical practice, and an extended meditation to help you find calm.  Whilst providing you with a cooler alternative, Sleep Sessions will allow you to practice the skill of the relaxation.  Aiming to better your sleep for those hot summer nights.

Don’t forget,  Nurturing Flows, while still taught in 37 degrees, maintain a slower pace.  They’re more focused on increasing flexibility, rather than getting that heart rate up.  A great place to start if you are new, but also a juicy stretch-out for experienced yogis looking for a less intense practice.

Thinking of giving Hotpod Yoga a try? Here’s what to expect from your first class.

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