What to expect from your first Hotpod Yoga class

What to expect from your first Hotpod Yoga class

Whether you’ve never done yoga before, or you’ve been practicing for a while, a session at Hotpod Yoga will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. The heat, the soft lighting, the signature fragrance and chilled out soundtrack is definitely something you need to experience first-hand!

So, if you’re coming along for your first time, we’ve gathered the best tips and put together a few things to expect.

You don’t need any experience

Every Hotpod Yoga class is designed for anybody and any body. The pods are inclusive, welcoming and open spaces – beginners participate side by side with those who have years of practice, and teachers offer a variety of pose variations for different experience and confidence levels. If you’re new to the pod, just be sure to let your teacher know before class so they can offer some helpful tips.

Things to bring

There are a few important things to bring to class, aside from your smiling face of course!


  • Clothes that you feel comfortable moving and sweating in (many studios have changing and shower facilities so you can freshen up after class if you need)
  • A water bottle, with as much water as you need. Feel free to take as many drink breaks as you need.
  • A towel, and a mat if you have one. In most of our studios, yoga and shower towels can be hired, and mats are free to use.

Punctuality is key

Unlike other fitness classes or activities where you can sneak in the back if you arrive a bit late, you’ll notice everyone turns up at least five minutes prior to the start of a Hotpod class. This is because as soon as that class starts, the pod is zipped up and the studio doors are locked – firstly because interruptions are disruptive to the session and ambience in the pod, and secondly it ensures the studio is safe and secure while the class is in session.

You will sweat. A lot.

And that’s a good thing! You’re posing, stretching and working all sorts of muscles in a pod heated to 37℃. Keep your towel handy, and take water breaks whenever you need them. Don’t worry about how much or how little you’re sweating; everyone else is sweating hard too. This heat is your best friend in the pod – it helps you stretch further and deeper, relaxing the muscles to aid in both strength and recovery.

You’ll surprise yourself

Because of this heat, you’ll quickly notice your stretching and flexibility improving. As the teacher guides you through the flow, listen to their direction on breathing and deepening of stretches, and you’ll be seeing improvements during the very same class! You may also realise you have much more stamina than you thought, or you’re able to hold strength-intensive poses for longer. Even if the opposite is true, don’t give up! Everyone is different, and you’ll be improving in no time.

You’ll want to come back for more

It’s well known that exercise produces feel-good chemicals in our brains. Combine that with an otherworldly pod that delights the senses, and a unique flow you’ll never tire of – you may just be hooked! 

Thinking of giving us a try? We’d love to have you in the pod. Find your nearest studio and book a class at www.hotpodyoga.com/studios