Opening Your Own Hotpod Yoga Studio: FAQ

Opening Your Own Hotpod Yoga Studio: FAQ

Back in 2012 HPY Co-Founders Nick and Max decided to explore a new avenue of fitness studio franchising to give yoga lovers across the globe the opportunity to own their own business and do something they love. Now with over 50 studios worldwide, the family continues to grow and so we’ve put together a couple of FAQ’s should you be considering becoming a HPY studio owner. 

How much does it cost to open a Hotpod Yoga studio?

The burning question on everyone’s mind! The initial cost of becoming a studio owner is much less than you might think. For £17,500 +VAT you’ll receive your full pod kit plus a week of training at our London HQ offices, and then you’ll need extra funds to fit out your studio (this can vary by location but our franchise managers can provide more details). A monthly revenue share is then taken each month which allows our Head Office team to support you on an ongoing basis with all things from marketing to strategy and operations.

Do I need to be a yoga teacher?

Absolutely not. Although many of our studio owners started off as yoga teachers, this is not a requirement. All we ask is that you’re passionate about HPY. If you are also looking to become a teacher, we offer Yoga Teacher Training courses at our Hotpod Teaching Academy in Hackney, London.

Can I launch a studio alongside my current job?

Owning your own Hotpod Yoga studio will keep you very busy and the more you put into it the more you get out of it. We wouldn’t recommend doing so alongside another job.

There’s already a Hotpod in my town. Can I open another? 

When you buy into a franchise, you’re given a generous exclusive territory to operate your business within, so if there’s already a Hotpod open in the exact area you’re keen on launching, you may be best to look further afield. Our specialist Franchise Managers will be able to advise on availability within your area. Explore our map of studios here.

OK, I’m in. Where do I sign up?!

Visit our Become a Studio Owner page to find out more and submit an enquiry, and we’ll be in touch!