With over 200,000 classes under our belt, a network of 250+ teachers and over 150,000 happy customers, we’re experts in what it takes to be a great yoga instructor. Our yoga teacher training program is the first step towards realising your dream of becoming a yoga teacher, and will equip you with the tools you need in order to thrive in an increasingly competitive industry.

Our approach to yoga teaching training is practical, modern and career-focused

We’re practical people – we ground everything we do in reality. Our teacher training courses focus on teaching in today’s modern world, and will equip you with all the tools you need to deliver a great class.

We respect the past while embracing the future – we’re humbled by the thousands of years of yoga tradition that’s come before us, but are focused on ensuring that it stays totally relevant today and in the future.

Our yoga teacher training

Our aim is to take people who are passionate about yoga and turn them into great yoga teachers with promising yoga careers ahead.

  • All 2024 dates below

  • Pretoria based

  • Payment plans available

  • Full 200hr Vinyasa Flow YTT (you will be a fully qualified yoga teacher at the end of the course)

  • Led by Mischa Els of Hotpod Yoga Pretoria

  • We offer -R1 500 off your tuition when making a deposit 2 months prior to the starting date. You will have unlimited classes at Hotpod Yoga Pretoria during your YTT.

2024 Training Dates

The Weekender:
  • 10 Weekends in person over 8 months
  • 4 Online Zoom Sessions
  • Intake open for Weekender course starting May '24

Meet our Lead Teachers

Mischa Els

Internationally qualified yoga instructor & owner of Hotpod Yoga Academy Franchise in Pretoria, offering high-quality Yoga Teacher Training in SA. Trained under Nick Higgins & Charlie Morgan, her dynamic classes focus on hands-on adjustments & clear instruction. With a diverse background in yoga, Thai bodywork, pilates, meditation, & gymnastics, Mischa fosters community & personal growth, also teaching the business of yoga.


Completed my YTT in 2023. I am incredibly grateful for the guidance and inspiration I received from my trainers. My goal is to grow with students and to add value wherever my teaching journey may lead. Qualified SABOD HipHop dance instructor. I have a passion for music and movement and I strongly believe that health is wealth.

Christa Davidson

Christa has completed a 500-hour TTC in Integral Hatha Yoga, 30-hour Advanced Yoga training from Hotpod Pretoria, and a 20-hour YACEP certificate in Understanding Trauma with Legacy Motion. Registered with Yoga Teachers Fellowship of South Africa, her background as a ballet dancer enriches teaching, providing deep insight into human body movement. Through movement, meditation, visualisation, & breath, she equips students with tools for life, fostering inner peace, strength, & vitality.

Lazane De Lange

Lazane initially went into yoga for the physical aspect but when she noticed the mental shift she knew she wanted to share it with others. Her love for people , connection & authenticity shines through her passion & drive. She strives to make people the best versions of themselves. Lazane did her 200 yoga teaching training in 2016 and completed her 300 hour diploma in Yoga Therapy in 2023.

Abedah Musengi

My teaching style continues to evolve as I grow older and expand the modalities used to explore the potential of the human body. I have found roots in trail running, hiking, indoor rock climbing, weight training, slack-lining and AcroYoga. I constantly draw inspiration from my environment as well as other experienced, charismatic teachers who motivate me to continue serving the global community with the gift of yoga. Body Language is the most honest communication we share with one another. People have the tendency to say what they think you want to hear however, our bodies display the true essence of what is being shared. Watch closely how people look and move within your presence - you will come to know how they truly feel. The human experience is my meditation both on and off the mat. Yoga highlights the importance of regularly checking in with your mental, emotional and physical health. To be aware of your energetic frequency is to take responsibility for your mark on the World. It is easier to be aware of others if you see yourself honestly and treat yourself with compassion

Pete Richer

Peter (Pete) Richer was trained as a yoga teacher at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in Kerala, India and at the Yoga Institute in Santacruz, Mumbai. He is a regular hatha yoga teacher at the Sivananda Yoga School in Johannesburg. He is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 200 and a RYT 500 teacher and is a registered Continuing Education Provider with the Yoga Alliance. Peter specialises in seniors yoga and yoga for the older beginner. He is deeply committed to his own exploration of the history and deeper philosophies of yoga in their true meaning, with a particular interest in classical yoga’s evolution from Samkhya philosophy and its evolution into tantra and the Natha Sampradaya. He has taught yoga history and philosophy in a number of yoga teacher trainings in a variety of traditions. Peter is a father and a grandfather, has been married for more than forty years and has enjoyed a very varied life which has taken him down many interesting avenues of human development, healing and social interaction.

Banesa & Anesu

Their morals are built around the values of inclusivity, simplicity, fair representation, freedom of self, connection, community, harmony, self-celebration and self-expression. Banesa: Kundalini Yoga Teacher • Vegan Activism • Non Profit Organisation KAR (Kundalini Africa Rising) • Co- owners of the 100% Black & Female owned Nest Yoga studio in Johannesburg. It is her vision to connect with consciousness visionaries, wisdom keepers, spiritual teachers, yoga and meditation instructors, healers, artists and holistic health practitioners in the process of healing communities through the healing of individuals. Anesu: Medical Doctor • Internationally Accredited Experienced Yoga Teacher • Mental Health Advocate • Sustainability Activist • Corporate Wellness Speaker • Founder of The Nest Space Inclusive Wellness Center

Dr. Priyal

Dr Priyal is an Integrative Medical Practitioner who believes in the mind-body connection and supporting the body's innate capacity to heal. She has a deep appreciation of the breath and the profound effect it has on mind, body and spirit, allowing us to tap into our inner resources and support personal healing & transformation.


Lilly is a 500hrs Yoga Teacher and founder of LillyD Yoga and the Yoga CEOs. After graduating with an MBA from one of the top Business School in the world, Lilly moved to South Africa where she started her career as an international sales consultant for the Cullinan Group. While having her position on hold during COVID, Lilly decided to pursue her passion and in 2021 she completed her 200hrs YTT at Wellness Connection. In 2022, she created her first business, LillyD Yoga and less than a year later she quit her full-time job to focus on growing her business. In 2024, she started the Yoga CEOs to help yoga teachers and wellness practitioners build their own business and realise their full potential.

Claire Stephenson

Claire traveled to Bangalore India in 2007, where she discovered Sri Sri Yoga, inspired by its focus on Pranayama (the science of breathing) and Yogic lifestyle practices (Ayurveda). In 2008, she qualified as a Sri Sri Yoga Teacher. She carried on her journey to Germany, where she learned Ayurveda – The Science of Life and facilitated both massage and Yoga at the Art of Living Center in Hamburg. The Ayurvedic philosophy of a conscious set practice, diet and holistic prevention practices inspired Claire to return to India, where she completed an Introductory Course in Ayurveda at the Gujarat Ayurveda University in 2010. In the two years of her travels Claire embodied the holistic lifestyle. With an eclectic approach to her knowledge in Ayurveda and Yoga, Claire practices in the heart of South Africa today, where she is a qualified Hatha, Yin, Pregnancy and Kids Yoga teacher. She spreads her energetic spirit through teaching classes at several Yoga Schools, facilitating Yoga and Ayurveda workshops, practices and helps you discover your ‘true nature’ through Prakruti Assessments.

Kirsten Wilkinson

Kirsten (Kaye) Wilkinson, MA, E-RYT 500, RCYT, Qi Gong and iRest Certified, Thai Yoga Massage Certified, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Mind/Body Practitioner, Breathe to Heal Facilitator, Somatic Experiencing Advanced Cohort CSU Psychology and Mental Health Counselor Masters Candidate Kirsten is the Executive Director of Legacy Motion, an NGO that supports individuals and communities impacted by trauma by offering sustainable programing and trainings to community members in trauma informed, restorative movement based practices and somatic therapy modalities. She is also the founder of Healing Motion, a private practice that offers somatic coaching and embodied practices that support mental health by assisting individuals in discovering their innate wisdom, restoring their embodied strength, and transcending to holistic wellbeing.

Lucy Draper-Clarke PhD

Lucy has been standing on her head ever since she could stand on her feet. This love for yoga has taken her through Vinyasa Flow, to Yin Yoga and Mindfulness. She is now primarily a mindfulness and compassion trainer, with a doctorate in Mindfulness and Teacher Education. She brings meditation practices to those engaged in social change, offering skills to alleviate stress and increase resilience, while cultivating wise, compassionate action. She leads workshops and retreats around Southern Africa and practices with the Karma Kagyu School. Lucy’s current research at Wits is on African Contemplative Practices, Compassionate Activism for a life-sustaining society, and the Healing Arts. Students often comment on her light-hearted approach to teaching which allows them to learn through a joyful, yet deeply transformative practice.


Patrycja, a 500hr RYT, blends yoga, psychosomatic healing, and attachment theory to empower others on their healing journey. With over 14 years of practice, her Elemental Flow style offers a transformative, full-being experience. Founder of Thrive Yoga Studio & Love And Thrive School,

Learnings and expertise from the real world

We use learnings and expertise from outside the world of yoga to enhance our teachers’ skills. These include the following areas:

Performance and public speaking – the world of business and theatre helps us learn about dealing with nerves and performing under pressure.

The human body – the world of sports and medicine helps us take a practical look at what we’re made up of.

Customer experience – retail expertise helps us understand how to build customer relationships, read body language and deal with difficult people!

Brand and marketing – communications experts help us teach you how to market yourself and build a brand to help you achieve what you want to achieve in your teaching career.

We embrace design & technology

We’re a visual brand that embraces technology and design to enhance learning – we won’t be loading you up with photocopies from ancient textbooks, we’ll provide you with beautiful, easy-to-digest materials for you to refer back to for life as well as immerse yourself in during the course.

We give practical experience

We give people teaching experience while they learn. Students will be teaching from the start of the course to the end – starting small and growing as we go on. Teaching is a fast learning curve if you’re thrust into the fore – so that’s just what we intend to do.

Actual teaching is our focus

We cover all bases, ensuring a strong foundation across all the key pillars of yoga tradition and history but we focus predominantly on what’s practically important to be a great teacher.

Free yoga!

You can come to classes on the house – as part of the course, you’ll be getting involved in a range of classes from across the yoga spectrum but as well as that you’ve got unlimited Hotpod classes during your studies.

HPY Teacher Training Graduates

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