About HPY

At Hotpod, we provide hot Vinyasa Yoga classes in our very own inflatable, heated studios – an intensive and balanced physical workout, restoring calm and clarity to the mind in our soothing, cocoon-like pods. 37°c heat warms the muscles and aids flexibility as well as making the heart work harder. Thousands of years of yoga tradition are pared down to some critical, logical and powerful elements; creating a highly accessible, high impact yoga for all ability levels – and popping up in places you might not expect.


Our unique style of yoga has its roots in ‘Vinyasa flow’, synchronising a dynamic flow of postures with the breath. Our instructors keep it practical and accessible, whilst remaining anchored in the wisdom of an ancient and potent practice.


As our name suggests, classes take place in a warm environment – approximately 37°C. It’s not just about the atmosphere of delicious calm: heat helps the body melt into the practice, warming the muscles and aiding flexibility while the heart works harder. All this and a purifying sweat help ensure maximum benefit from your effort.


We worked with world-leading inflatable experts Inflate, top architects and heating consultants to create a range of Pods – our unique portable heated studios. A range of designs and sizes mean that we can pop-up pretty much anywhere! US Patent Approved (No: 9708830), UK, EU & Other international patents pending.