How does the scent add to the Hotpod experience?

How does the scent add to the Hotpod experience?

Here at Hotpod, our classes are pumped full of calming aromas and our bespoke scent is a signature element to our yoga classes and the entire Hotpod experience. Why is that, you might wonder?

Scent, emotion and memory are all intertwined, giving us a completely unique experience with each scent we smell. With the world around us moving so quickly and with so many of us having spent a lot of time in our homes over the past few years, being surrounded by a familiar scent can create a sense of comfort to us. We use aromatherapy and scent to create an atmosphere around us, to either relieve stress, boost feelings of relaxation, improve our sleeping patterns or to simply make us feel a little bit calmer, which is why at Hotpod Yoga use aromatherapy before and during all of our classes.

We have developed a  vegan and cruelty-free aromatherapy range so that you can take a little bit of Hotpod home with you.  All products are hand-blended in the UK and have the same distinctive scent as the pod, combining these three ingredients:. 

Sweet Orange is popular for its sweet and zesty smell, whilst also reducing depression and boosting energy levels for exercise performance.

Lavender is known for reducing symptoms of anxiety and is also known to improve your sleep.

Lime helps to alleviate stress and can leave you feeling energised.

Hotpod Yoga's bespoke aromatherapy range includes, atmosphere spray and essential oil.

The atmosphere spray allows you to experience the scent of the pod at home. Gently mist around your body, environment, training space and mat to breathe in the beneficial aromas to enhance your practice and life.

The essential oil is to be used in a diffuser to create a beautiful calming environment, reflecting the environment of the pod in your own home.

To create this range we have collaborated with Soul Tonics, a UK-based business with an ​​ethos that has always been natural, organic, healthy, using glass not plastic, vegan and pure. We asked the founder of Soul Tonics, Sarah, about the brand and working with Hotpod Yoga to create our signature scent.

How did you start Soul Tonics?

I had worked as an energy healer, teacher and counsellor for many years, so I was used to working with my guidance and listening to ideas and acting on them. This one was a bit different, it felt really important and challenging as I really had no concept of business and how to start a company, so I just put one foot in front of the other and learnt as I went along. I trusted my inner wisdom and it has led me to being the head of this very special global company.

What is Soul Tonics’ ethos?

Essentially Soul Tonics is a therapist led company, we now have over 300 therapists, yoga teachers and practitioners using our products in their therapy and classes. Whilst I worked for years as a therapist I noted after working with hundreds of clients, that people’s attitude to their bodies and health played a great big part in recovery and healing. It seemed to me that a positive mind helps to create a positive body. Our ethos has always been natural, organic, healthy, using glass not plastic, vegan and pure. 

What do Soul Tonics like about Hotpod? 

I first came across Hotpod Yoga at the yoga show in London where we always had a stand. What a great concept creating a bubble of safety and love for people to deepen their yoga practice. I would imagine the process allows people to work through their emotional releases in a safe space. Also being warm for yoga is a joy. I have had my fill of cold village halls whilst trying to stretch my body.

Benefits and qualities of the blend and each of the three ingredients

I think the combination of Sweet orange, lavender and lime in the blend is the perfect mix and adds to the experience of Hotpod Yoga. 

Sweet orange is often called ’the smiley oil’ for that very reason. It is uplifting and really helps to raise the emotions and elevate our mood.

Lavender is calming and relaxing and I love the idea of raising our vibrations with calmness and peace. Almost a sense of letting go, but in a deep and considered way. 

Lime oil is another uplifter but it also has beautiful qualities such as  rejuvenating the body and giving mental clarity. This essential oil possesses antiseptic, antiviral, bactericidal, disinfectant, restorative and tonic properties. It makes a wonderful addition to a room mist or blend oil as it literally cleans the air and our minds.

Our bespoke aromatherapy products are also available to buy at the Hotpod Store, so you can be transported back to the pod in your own home. Available in our studios and online as atmosphere spray and essential, our scent is designed to calm the mind and promote positive wellbeing, while allowing you to feel fully immersed in the complete Hotpod experience.

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