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How does the scent add to the Hotpod experience?

How does the scent add to the Hotpod experience?

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Here at Hotpod, our classes are pumped full of calming aromas and our bespoke scent is a signature element to our yoga classes and the entire Hotpod experience. We believe that through scent you are able to fully immerse yourself into your surroundings. Our aromatherapy has been carefully curated with three ingredients, all with beneficial properties: 

Bergamot is used to reduce anxiety and stress and boost positivity levels.

Orange is popular for its sweet and zesty smell, whilst also reducing depression and boosting energy levels for exercise performance.

Lavender is known for reducing symptoms of anxiety and is also known to improve your sleep.

Hotpod aromatherapy range, including atmosphere mist, massage balm and essential oil

Hotpod Yoga's bespoke aromatherapy range includes, atmosphere mist, massage balm and essential oil.

Scent, emotion and memory are all intertwined, giving us a completely unique experience with each scent we smell. With the world around us moving so quickly and with so many of us having spent a lot of time in our homes over the past few years, being surrounded by a familiar scent can create a sense of comfort to us. We use aromatherapy and scent to create an atmosphere around us, to either relieve stress, boost feelings of relaxation, improve our sleeping patterns or to simply make us feel a little bit calmer, which is why at Hotpod Yoga use aromatherapy before and during all of our classes.


Our bespoke aromatherapy products are also available to buy at the Hotpod Store, so you can be transported back to the pod in your own home. Available in our studios and online as room sprays, essential oil blends and massage balms, our scent is designed to calm the mind and promote positive wellbeing, while allowing you to feel fully immersed in the complete Hotpod experience. 


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