Yoga Poses for New Mums

Yoga Poses for New Mums

Going through pregnancy and labour is strenuous for the body, and new mums might find that their yoga practice significantly changes once they’ve given birth.

We’ve put together our top poses for new mums coming back into yoga after childbirth; they are designed to help strengthen the muscles that have weakened through pregnancy and labour, as well as ease tightness, improve posture and leave new Mums feeling relaxed and good about themselves.

Low Bridge with Block

Being pregnant and giving birth can cause the pelvic muscles to weaken. This pose works to strengthen the pelvic floor and low back, stabilising hips.

Lie on your back with your knees above the ankles and your feet hip distance apart. Place a block between your inner thighs. Curl your pubic bone up towards the navel and peel the tailbone off the mat. Reach your arms up and overhead towards the space behind you. Keep the reach and then gently lower yourself down to the mat. Repeat 5 times.

Seated Side Stretch

If the shoulders and neck didn’t already get tense during everyday life, holding a baby will certainly put some strain on these areas. Paying some attention to the neck and shoulder muscles in yoga can really help with the aches and pains caused by your new addition…

Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position with your left fingertips touching the ground beside you. Reach your right arm up to the sky and over to the left hand side, opening up the right side of the body. Then bring the arm round the front of the body and back to its starting position. Repeat this several times in a flowing movement and repeat on the opposite side.

Cat Cow

These poses are a lovely way to lengthen and stretch the spine, which reduces back pain. They are great for correcting the posture from feeding and nursing, and the stretch feels really juicy!

Start in a table-top position, with your wrists underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips. As you breathe in, lift your tailbone towards the ceiling and draw your naval down, gently arching through the spine. As you breathe out, bring the naval in towards the spine and curve your back, bringing your chin to your chest. Repeat these movements 3-5 times, keeping the lower abdomen lightly engaged.

Tree Pose

During pregnancy the hips can become painful and weak due to the extra weight – this standing pose is great for bringing some stability and strength back into the hips, our main weight-bearing joint.

Stand tall, with your feet hip distance apart, pressing your palms together at the front of the chest. Press down through the right foot and place your left foot onto the right ankle, calf or thigh (depending on where it feels comfortable). Focus on a spot in front of you to help maintain balance, with the option of lifting your arms towards the sky or opening the arms wide.

If you’re a new mum looking to get back into yoga, or try it for the first time, why not try out one of our Yoga for New Mums classes? We currently offer classes in London at our Dulwich and Hackney studios. If you’re outside of London you can enquire by contacting your local studio.