Hi Hotpod People,

It brings us a lot of sadness to say that we’re going to have to shut our studio doors for a period of time from midnight tonight. At this point, we don’t know how long for, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

In nearly 8 years, we’ve never had to do this. But, it’s clear to us that it’s absolutely the only responsible course of action. As the country (and the world) faces an unprecedented situation, we need to do our bit to help combat this health emergency and to try and ensure the most vulnerable in society face the best chance.

None of us know exactly how long this will go on for, but we hope we’ll be back together in the studio in the not too distant future. In the meantime, as we all face an isolated and somewhat anxious period, we’re keen to ensure we can remain an outlet for you – to bring you a dose of calm, health and happiness. So, we’re going to be streaming live classes from your favourite teachers starting this week (keep an eye on your inbox and social channels for dates & times). We will also be publishing a selection of superb video flows on our website later this month so you can login and enjoy from the comfort of your home (get your bergamot essential oils out & turn your radiators up).

 We’re also going to be doing our best to continue to support our freelance teaching community through what will be a very difficult time for them. You can help us do that by making a donation at any of our streamed classes or simply by keeping your membership running (memberships will be put on hold automatically for 1 month initially, so just email us to ask us not to put yours on hold if you feel you’d like to contribute).

Your loyalty means the world to us and we’re hugely looking forward to seeing you back in the pod soon!

Keep well,

Max & Nick