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Hotpod Eastbourne is spacious, unique and vibrant, with changing rooms, showers, hair dryers and toilets available for use. Choose from our classic Hotpod Flow or our more relaxed Nurturing Flow classes, available 7 days per week at a variety of times. Based in the suburb of Eastbourne one of UK’s happiest towns – Hampden park is notable for its unique railway station, where local trains on the east coastway line stop twice, and is thought to be the busiest level crossing in Europe, just a short walk from our flag ship studio. Hampden park also holds host to a busy retail park. Nearby you can enjoy a gentle walk through the scented gardens, natural woodland and stop off at the lakeside cafe bustling with life.

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Unit 7 Harvington Business Park Brampton Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN22 9BN, GB

Rosie Ann

Like many people, I found my love for yoga during lockdown. My mat became my safe space and I began to delve deeper into the practice. Whilst studying at drama school in 2021/22, I started holding yoga classes for my peers to calm our minds and energise our bodies ready for a day of dance and drama! I felt so at home leading these classes, it became my passion to give people a safe space to feel, move and relax. It is then that I decided to complete my level 3 yoga teacher training with Origym to gain the knowledge I need to share my love for yoga with others. My classes are comforting, energising and supportive. I will encourage you to challenge yourself, listen to your body, and always remember that you don’t need to be able to stand on your head, do the splits or even touch your toes to experience the wondrous benefits that yoga has to offer.

Molly Wilson

Yoga has been a part of my life since I was a teenager – it was, and still is, the place I came to to centre myself in a busy world.

I embarked on my 200-Hour Teaching Training in 2020 on the island of Nusa Lembongan in Indonesia. Upon my return I was thrown into a very different way of life, where we were all forced to surrender to a slower pace of living and dive deeper into our practices. This was a pivotal point in my yoga journey, taking my powerful Vinyasa-only practice, to a more rounded practice, incorporating Hatha, Yin and Restorative yoga.

Using my knowledge from my Hatha and Yin trainings, I aim to guide people to find presence, to be able to bring your mind back to the now, by focusing on your breath and sensations in the body. My classes allow you to explore your mind and body through asana, breath work and meditation by taking a Yin Yang approach to the practice in order to achieve balance.

Claire Johnson

I have been teaching exercise classes since 2018, when I used my maternity leave to retrain as a Fitness Instructor. I teach a lot of high intensity classes so I love coming to the Pod to slow down and relax. Outside of teaching classes I am also a PE and Science teacher and a mummy to 3 gorgeous small people.

Victoria Brown

Leah Clara

Reiki Master Teacher and Breathwork Facilitator. My training began with “Corrective High performance Exercise Coaching & Kinesiology” (aka CHECK Coaching) and working as a Sports Massage therapist, which all had a heavy focus on natural movement, physiology, and balancing the energy systems.This training led me towards the mind, soul & body work I do now.

My approach is unique as I combine a grounded scientific knowledge with spiritual practice. I am passionate about facilitating a sacred space for individuals to liberate themselves and connect to their own essence. Through Breathwork and Reiki, I hold space for you to meet yourself where you are at, guide you towards regulating your nervous system and compassionately integrate the subconscious emotional charges that are no longer serving you!

Zoe aidenne

A few years ago, during the pandemic I discovered yoga and I have never looked back. I am so grateful for the spiritual and physical benefits that is has given me and I would like to share these benefits with other people.

After a few years of personal Daily yoga practices and weekly group classes, I decided that I wanted to learn more about yoga and the gifts that it provided and so I travelled to Portugal to study yoga and to become a teacher.

After all the knowledge that I have learnt I now feel ready to pass on those teachings and share the many gifts of yoga ❤️

Violet Forster

My teaching is centered around empowering the participant to take control and agency over their practice while being offered support and guidance in a safe space.

Yoga can be portrayed in a very intimidating way in the media and I often see students entering a class feeling vulnerable.

I advocate for making yoga safe, accessible and appropriate for the bodies in the room, with opportunity to adapt and progress in postures where appropriate. Most importantly, encouraging students to honour and love themselves for who they are the bodies they reside in.

My training is Hatha-based and I integrate elements of flow into my classes. I feel this gives a well-rounded balance of strengthening, movement and stretching; offering participants various ways to explore and become curious about their bodies in a fun and inspired way. I am excited to be teaching in a new way and new environment at Hotpod; there’s something special and immersive about the environment here which really facilitates and fosters connection with ourselves

Hannah Godfrey

Hi I’m Hannah and I found yoga & meditation in my early twenties when I was living in NYC.

It was the only way I could get my mind to quiet down and switch off from the hecticness of living and working in Manhattan.

After working in tech in Silicoln Valley and London for the past 15 years I recently changed track altogether and now dedicate my work to helping people pause and come back to themselves in this crazy fast paced world we live in.

My yoga classes are built around the chakras and elements and always contain a lot of breathwork and inspirational quotes. I infuse sound healing and reiki and always end in a class in complete relaxation.

When I’m not on the mat I love cold dipping in the sea and walking in nature with my Iggy named Alfred.

Natalie Grace

Natalie grew up in Sussex where her love of and connection to nature started.

Her belief in our connectedness to nature lead her to yoga, and is a central part of her practice, even informing the choice of locations for the permanent Graceful Yoga sessions.

“Yoga shouldn’t be daunting. There is no one-type of person who yoga is for, it’s truly there for anyone who wants to give it a go.

Having qualified as a 300hr Yoga Alliance Teacher, Natalie wants to share the knowledge that her journey to teaching and personal yoga practice has brought to her.

“We take each session step-by-step, whether we’re heading towards relaxation or invigoration. Your body sets the pace.

I want to share everything I’ve learned on my Yoga journey with you, and believe that this gift has really changed my life in subtle, substantial and practical ways.’

Lucy King

Hi I’m Lucy and I have now been teaching yoga for 15 years, recently having achieved my senior yoga teacher status from Yoga Alliance. 
My passion for yoga started when I was 23 years old, originally as a method to calm the mind and switch off but I quickly found the strength in my muscles, the depth of my breath and the body’s mobility a huge bonus that kept me coming back for more.

I asked my classes how they would describe me as a teacher and the most common answer was, humorous. I’m not a stand-up comedian by any stretch of the imagination but laughter during class disrupts the stress response in the body, so there is science behind the smile as well as seeing all of your gorgeous faces light up. I think this quality also means I am light-hearted and easy going to how a practice should be and instead you are welcome on the mat however you are, on any day, grumpy, happy, flexible, stiff, excitable or overwhelmed. Just show up and we’ll enjoy the practice together.


I have dabbled with yoga since my 20’s but really found my passion for it following the birth of my daughter. HIIT was my go to for fitness but postpartum, I found I was seeking a more restorative form of exercise. I found yoga encompassed it all, gentleness, flexibility, strength, calmness, and stamina.

I then went on to complete Teacher Training with Yoga Haven and my passion only grew. I believe yoga is for any body and everyone can benefit from it.

I aim to make students feel like yoga is accessible, whatever their level of experience, background or body shape. I hope they leave my class feeling the benefits of their practice.

I am excited to continue my teaching journey with Hot Pod Yoga. It’s a wonderfully unique and immersive experience. Hopefully I will see you in the pod soon!

Connie Rose

For many years now, since the age of 18, I have always been interested & dabbled into the spiritual world. The more yoga classes I attended & the more books I read… I realised that I had an intense draw to the practice of yoga. It allowed me to feel grounded, overcome some truly difficult times & connect back to myself after the longest time of feeling lost & uncertain of who I was.

After spending several years practising yoga daily & reaping the many benefits it brought me. I decided I had a deeper purpose in this world, to deliver this practice to many more likeminded humans who needed to reconnect back to what matters.

In 2019 I ventured to India, the heart of yoga to complete my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training & it was a truly transformational experience. Shortly after, I returned back to the UK and started sharing my knowledge and spreading my passion for yoga with the world through weekly classes and have been doing so ever since!

Veronica hare

Veronica Hare

Veronica is a 500hr RYT Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher. She teaches a holistic practice that promotes her students physical and mental wellbeing. She helps students to feel empowered in their bodies and creates classes that are accessible and uplifting for all. Her classes provide a balance between strength, flexibility, and relaxation. She enables her students to leave her classes feeling empowered, balanced, and refreshed. Outside the pod, Veronica works in the development sector specialising in approaches to combating climate change and addressing gender and diversity issues in the private sector.


Bryony Adamson

I have been practicing yoga for quite a few years and truly can’t imagine my life without it. I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training with Be-Yoga Academy which took place in Sussex and Morocco.

The main reason I started yoga was due to mental health reasons – something I like to be very open and honest with as there can be such a stigma attached to mental health. Battling with your mind every day is exhausting but yoga allows us to let go of negative emotions that cause suffering, such as stress, anger, anxiety, fear and sadness and encourages us to live more in the present moment.

In my classes you are encouraged to relax and slow your breath, shifting the balance from the sympathetic nervous system (or the fight-or-flight response) to the parasympathetic nervous system. You’ll find that your breathing, heart rate and blood pressure is decreased, stimulating the relaxation response. Yum!

See you in the pod ?
Bryony x

Sarah Alice

Angela whimpenny

I have a deep passion for yoga and had an extensive personal practice before completing my teacher training with Yoga Life Eastbourne. I’ve since continued my learning journey to include amongst others Yin Yoga and Yoga Trapeze.
You will find me teaching at various venues in and around Eastbourne including studios, leisure centres, private clubs and outdoor locations. I am really looking forward to joining the team and adding Hot Pod Yoga to my weekly class schedule.
I believe that yoga should be part of everyday life, it is for everyone and I encourage you to come to your mat as often as possible. My classes are fun and accessible, I give lots of options and progressions to suit a gentle or more energetic practice.
I love the way that yoga leaves you feeling calm and relaxed in your mind, strong and energetic in your body and with an after yoga smile on your face.

Jade Coco

I started attending Yoga classes to compliment my other fitness training and to increase flexibility. I remember being really worried about not being able to do certain postures and being bendy enough which I think can put many people off attending their first class! I soon came to understand that it really didn’t matter and Yoga is for everyone. I took my 200 hour teaching training in 2018 with Live Love Yoga and have since completed further training and CPD in Yin Yoga, meditation and pranayama and fertility yoga. I feel like I am still a student, continually learning many different aspects of the practice.

For me, Yoga is a safe space to connect inwards when I need it the most. I really enjoy a blend of fun energetic flows but I also love relaxing slow movements and stillness to really dive inwards. I hope that my classes are welcoming, down to earth and friendly and encourage you to focus on how you feel rather than what it looks like. I’m really looking forward to sharing the Yoga magic with you all soon!

Rachael Voss

Rachael has been practicing yoga for many years before completing her 200-hour teacher training with Yoga Haven, followed by certificates in Pregnancy, Post-Natal, Mum and Baby and Children’s yoga. She can’t wait to get back to teaching in the Pod, having previously been part of the Loughborough studio team. She swears by the heat, chilled tunes and lovely scent in the Pod.

Rachael encourages all abilities and is very welcoming of newcomers to yoga. She wants to get people moving, to make time for themselves, and to learn to take a deep breath and step back from the day-to-day routine of everyday life. Her teaching style is not at all serious or that kind of class where you wonder ‘What in earth is going on here?!’ It’s for everyone, and will fit perfectly into your modern day. An ancient practice but with lots of smiles, fun and feel-good energy.

For Rachael, regular exercise and creating space both physically and mentally is key to keeping a positive outlook on life. Having her own invisible illness, she understands that everyone has their own personal struggles and their own reason for trying yoga.

She welcomes anyone to give it a go and is happy to chat about individual needs or provide modifications – even if your first class is just lying on your mat

Bev Stevo

I found yoga by happy accident. 25 years of playing sport and teaching PE caught up and I found myself battling lots of niggling injuries. I started yoga as a means of increasing my flexibility. It was the best decision as it lead me to my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course. It was an amazing experience. I qualified teaching a moon salutation class on a moonlit beach in Egypt. Yoga has become an important part of my life which I now love sharing with others. I want all in my classes to feel totally comfortable, happy and free to work within their own abilities. I think yoga should be for everyone. I never regret time on my mat and want you all to leave my classes happy you came. I can’t wait to start teaching in the pod and welcome you all to join me.

Lizzy Jarvis

the founder

Lizzy Jarvis

Lizzy has always had a passion for Health and Fitness. She started teaching exercises classes at the age of 18 in many health clubs, gyms and hotels. She qualified as a nutritionist and has helped alongside the NHS delivering weight management programmes. She discovered Hotpod Yoga at the OM Yoga show in London a few years ago and had the desire to bring Hotpod Yoga to Eastbourne!

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