Our Leyton studio is located at Arch 165, Midland Road, in the bustling heart of Leyton, just a few doors down from Burnt and Gravity Well Tap Room and a short stroll to Leyton village and Francis Road. The nearest station is Leyton Midland (Overground) and is ideally located between Leyton and Leytonstone tube (the nearest) or a 20 minute walk from Walthamstow Village.

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the hotpod experience

step into our immersive pod

hot yoga in 37 degree heat

move to relaxing beats

filled with calming scents

suitable for all levels

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165 Midland Road, Leyton, London, London, E10 6JT, GB

Find Us

Our Leyton studio is located at Arch 165, Midland Road, in the bustling heart of Leyton, just a few doors down from Burnt and Gravity Well Tap Room and a short stroll to Leyton village and Francis Road. The nearest station is Leyton Midland (Overground) and is ideally located between Leyton and Leytonstone tube (the nearest) or a 20 minute walk from Walthamstow Village. You’ll stretch further, breathe deeper, sweat harder and melt fully into the Hotpod experience – a balanced flow of active and passive postures, working the body and calming the mind in equal measure. You’ll immediately find yourself a million miles away from the every day - to understand it, you’ve got to experience it. Our studio is equipped with changing rooms, hair dryers and showers with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel so all you need to do is bring water and a towel (or you can buy/ rent these at the studio) and enjoy the unique immersion that is a Hotpod Yoga class.


Ola, a 500RYT certified instructor and psychologist, who trained in Indonesia and Rishikesh, specialises in organic Vinyasa flow. With her theatre dance background and passion for all things creative – including her own jewellery brand – she adds a unique touch to every class.

Hannah R

Hannah is joyfully passionate, about the nourishment that yoga in commune with others brings. She engages with the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga practice on equal level, and brings a challenging, measured and accessible flow.

An avid yoga practitioner since 2008, professional dancer of eighteen years, and qualified yoga teacher since 2020 – Hannah adores sharing the illuminating and life evolving practice of yogic traditions, and dancing through the flows of the Hotpod vinyasa series together.

Hannah guides and learns intuitively with the practitioners in class, to build heat through powerful and juicy flows, in order to enjoy the opening and relaxation available post the effort.

Expect some sweat, and some serious self gratitude!


Hannah C

Hannah brings you a playful, powerful & peaceful practice. Focusing on breath, we’ll move through a fiery flow, supple stretches and a soooooothing savasana in this light-hearted class!


Jen came to Yoga through her career as a professional dancer as she found she was able to explore movement freely without judgment or comparison. Giving her a sense of safety on the mat.

Jen’s passion for movement shines through her teaching offering a variety of challenging but yet grounding Asanas ensuring the comfort and compassion of each individual.


Chloé has been teaching at Hotpod studios since 2019 and is passionate about creating a warm space for all to feel welcome in, regardless of ability or experience. Expect a relaxed and fun approach, with a little something for everyone – be it a nourishing moment of calm or a focus-demanding challenge that will leave you smiley, sweaty and feeling revitalised!


Tola’s introduction to yoga came in 2016 as a way for her to unwind after a stressful day at her 9 to 5. Over time, she deepened her practice by becoming a part of the community at her local studio and learning about the philosophy and history of yoga. For Tola, yoga continues to be a reminder to stay present and to connect with the body. Tola teaches a dynamic, well-balanced class that is open to all – expect to feel strong, stretched and centred.


Kates relationship with Hot yoga began in 2010. Following years of martial arts training and numerous injuries, she did not have the flexibility she wanted. After trying many different kinds of yoga she discovered the hot room and began building strength and flexibility at an unbelievably fast rate… and completely fell in love with the practice.

Since graduating in 2015 Kate has broadened her knowledge and now teaches lots of different yoga and fitness disciplines. She’s passionate about helping beginners on their yoga journey to discover their true potential, build their mind body connection and she stands by her philosophy that no-one is too stiff or broken for yoga.

Kate’s classes will inspire you and help you reach new levels in your fitness and yoga practice. Expect to learn something new from every practice, leave her classes feeling motivated and ready to attack the day, her energy is contagious.

“I want us to work hard, but have a laugh…Yoga is not a serious thing, its there to be enjoyed and help you get back to feeling the best version of yourself, in your brain and in your body. Its basically wiggling around in a sauna!”


With many years of personal practice as a foundation, Adam recently earned his teaching certification, driven by a desire to share the transformative power of yoga. He sees his practice as a continuous journey of personal development, drawing inspiration from all aspects and styles. After his first class at Hackney studio in 2022 he was hooked on the Hotpod experience and the benefits of practicing in heat. Expect a strong, rewarding class.


Sarah started practicing yoga 20 years ago as a beautiful tonic to training for her first London marathon and her busy media career. It became deeply intertwined in her life and in 2016, knowing how much yoga had helped her through life’s ebbs and flows, she qualified as an instructor.

Her classes are breath orientated, meditative and challenging whilst held in a safe and nurturing environment. She offers plenty of different variations making the practice accessible for every body. She hopes you leave class feeling good, empowered and relaxed.


Phoebe is a professional dancer and loves to draw on her years of dance training as inspiration for her classes. Whilst being dynamic and challenging, Phoebe aims for her classes to be accessible, fun and a place to play around with your practice; making your mat feel like a safe space and a fun opportunity to move your body.


Orly qualified as a yoga teacher in India in 2016, and began her Hotpod journey at the Newcastle studio in 2017.

Her flows involve a creative blend of challenging and relaxing sequences, designed to work both the body and the mind. Orly emphasises breath along with movement, and she has a special interest in meditation and mindfulness.


Bex found herself on the mat for the first time over 6 years ago after suffering from a severe riding accident which left her in great deal of pain. Yoga happened to be the only exercise to relieve it – she came for the workout, but ended up staying for the way it transformed her in every way.

Yoga has been the ultimate tool in positively affecting her mental and physical well-being. She completed her 200 hour training in the city of Rishikesh, India. She submersed herself in their culture and learned from some of the most insightful yogis in the world. The course covered a range of practices including; Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa and Meditation. Bex also completed her 50 hour Yin Training and trained in Disco Barre Flow Floor and Restore.

Bex wants to encourage and help others to flourish in new ways and get out of their heads. She provides an empowering and supportive experience suitable for all.


In 2020, Chessie left her corporate job behind to follow her passion for mindful movement with her mission to empower as many people as possible to become stronger, healthier and happier through the practice of Yoga.

After numerous health issues from a young age she finally decided to look deeper into her healing journey which is how she found yoga, mindfulness, meditation & breathwork. Yoga changed her whole outlook on life and has taught her so much about the person she is today, how to treat her body and how to keep a positive mindset. She wants to be able to share her learnings with you through her classes. She has been teaching for 4 years & has 500 hours of training in various styles of yoga. Her style is dynamic and incorporates the different styles that she has studied.


Roxanne first rolled out her yoga mat around 20 years ago and instantly loved the physical and mental retreat it later offered alongside her fast-paced desk job. After completing her initial yoga training (200 hours) with Yoga London in 2014, she went on to train and teach mandala and pre and post-natal yoga and has been teaching with Hotpod since 2018 with a break to start a family. Her vinyasa flow classes are dynamic, creative and fun – with a strong focus on not taking yourself too seriously.


Charlie has been teaching Yoga in London since 2012. Originally an actress, she has always been intrigued by movement and how it makes her feel, this took her over to India and Bali to train. She soon realised that yoga gave her way more than physical benefits, it had amazing healing powers too.

Her classes focus on the importance of the breath, exploring your own potential and having fun on the mat. She offers plenty of variations so that everyone has a creative & fulfilling practice. She hopes you leave feeling nourished, balanced and ready to face life.


Mia started her yoga journey in a bid to find some calm in her busy life and instantly fell in love with the whole practice. Mesmerised by the philosophy of yoga as well as the physical aspects, she undertook her yoga teacher training with no real intention of actually teaching – more as a way to deepen her own practice. However it quite quickly became clear that this was her true passion and what she wanted to be doing daily.

Mia’s classes are mindful, inclusive and aim to strike a balance between strengthening your body and finding your inner calm.


The youngest sister in a family of yogi’s, Taylor has attended the myriad of classes that London has to offer since childhood, but it wasn’t until she trained in 2019 that she found a deeper appreciation of yoga’s endless power to do good on the mind, body and soul. She has completed 450 hours YTT in Hatha and Kundalini in yoga’s historical home – Rishikesh, India. Taylor’s classes are comprised of fluid and meditative flows that will leave you feeling relaxed, empowered and nourished. When we turn our focus inwards, this is when wonderful things happen.

Alongside yoga, Taylor is a full time artist with a Master’s in Painting from Royal College of Art. She has travelled the world taking her art and yoga practices with her, and allowing one to inform the other along the way.


Courtney’s journey into yoga started when she discovered Rocket yoga in her twenties. It ignited a passion for the meditative flows, playful sequences and the endorphins yoga induced leaving her feeling strong and relaxed afterwards. Inspired by her sister’s yoga training in India, Courtney persued her own teacher training and began the transition out of school teaching.

Her classes are strong and dynamic, they offer opportunities for playfulness and will leave your body feeling invigorated and your mind feeling relaxed. Expect a grounded approach with a little something for everyone – a welcome space for everyone.

the founders

Mia & Courtney Bull

Sisters, Courtney and Mia, did their yoga teacher training in 2019 in a bid to deepen their yoga practice and to find some calm in their busy lives. Teaching yoga turned out to be their true passion with both sisters dreaming of one day opening a yoga studio of their own. Mia then attended a workshop at the Derby pod when visiting family and - hooked on the combination of challenge, fun and positivity - a way to realise this dream came into sharp focus. Taking Courtney to classes at the Hackney Pod and becoming regulars there, cemented their certainty that there was something truly special about Hotpod and after contacting HQ, their personal Hotpod journey began.

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