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We’re Europe’s largest yoga business. Since 2013, over 100,000 people have immersed themselves in a Hotpod class at one of our 50+ locations around the world. You’ll stretch further, breathe deeper, sweat harder and melt fully into the Hotpod experience – a balanced flow of active and passive postures, working the body and calming the mind in equal measure. For class times and more, take a look at the schedule above, then book your spot.

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Hotpod Yoga Redditch, 2a Broad Ground Road, Redditch, West Midlands, B98 8YP, GB


Hi I’m Jayne I have done yoga on and off for 20 years never really taking it too seriously just enjoying the practice when I attended a class. I then had a few health problems and started to attend classes on a regular basis – that was where my love of yoga began. I love the benefits yoga gives me physically, mentally and spiritually. I wanted to share this magic with others and completed my yoga teach training.


Step into the world of yoga with me! Drawing from my diverse experiences and worldly travels, I curate unique yoga sessions that go beyond asana practice. Infused with intention, meditation, and a fusion of English and Sanskrit, each class is meticulously designed to encompass the holistic essence of yoga as a lifestyle. As a certified Yoga Instructor, I am deeply committed to promoting holistic wellness and alleviating workplace stress in our digital age. Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey where yoga becomes not just a physical practice, but a way of life. Join me in prioritizing the health of both body and mind, making yoga accessible and transformative for all

Jess Williams

I have loved moving my body through dance, working out and weightlifting for years, when I stepped onto a mat for the first time, I knew yoga was going to be a new love of mine. Since then, yoga has been my ‘little slice of heaven’ and a practice I continuously learn from both physically and mentally.
When I found Hotpod Redditch I couldn’t get enough of the feeling that stuck with me each time I left the pod, each practice helps create inner space, peace and a warm feeling of restoration and energy.
Officially hooked and wanting to share this feeling with others I completed my Vinyasa flow training with Hotpod in London this year.
I am passionate to share the balance yoga brings to your life and mind, my classes will not only help you focus on staying present but also are a reminder to move your body out of love for your body and mind.


I’ve been a fitness enthusiast for many years, before attending my first yoga class and discovering the clarity it gave me while balancing the ebbs and flows of life. I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training through Yoga Alliance and have loved teaching students of all levels ever since – from complete beginners to seasoned yogis. Nothing beats the immersive experience of Hotpod and I love being in the gorgeous pod bubble during a hot, juicy flow! Whether you’re taking your first step into the pod or are further along in your yoga journey, I will help you get the most out of your practice, so you leave feeling recentred and ready to take on the rest of your day.


It was during my dance training in London that I discovered the sacred practice of yoga. Yoga become my sacred space where I could surrender, connect and rediscover my present-self. I always had a passion for movement, I dedicated 8 years, guided by wonderful teachers, delved deep into mindfulness, breathwork and the importance of alignment. Hot pod has created such a warm, nurturing space, where you can explore your bodies, release stagnant energies and embrace your authentic self. I’m grateful to guide others at Hot pod, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a curious newcomer, I welcome you with open arms. Step onto the mat and let everything unfold.


Yoga brought so much peace to my soul and gave me such a love for my body that I felt I just had to share the magic with others. I completed my 200hr teacher training in Hatha yoga in December 2020 and happily haven’t stopped learning since. I will always be a student of yoga and that’s what I love about the practice, it is a practice, it will never be completed, it’s an ever-evolving journey to the self. Yoga is a huge part of my life that helps me regulate my emotions and keep my mind & body strong, so you’ll usually find me up at 6am most mornings enjoying my own practice, with a chai tea never far from reach. I am incredibly grateful to be able to teach and in my classes I like to create a friendly, safe space where we can build strength, cultivate a whole lotta self-love & respect, find connection, and PLAY. Meet you on the mat for the magic.


I discovered yoga whilst completing my teaching degree at the Royal Academy of Dance in London, seeking to cross train for my general wellness. I fell so in love with yoga and it has been my antidote to the stresses and demands of having a busy life. Practising in the heat has taught me to pause, create space for myself and furthered my understanding of breath work, body awareness and mind-body connection. My classes are feel-good, energetic and focus on the art of being able to stay truly present. I welcome all yogi’s with any level of experience to the mat and have a personalised teaching approach. You will leave my class feeling brighter, calmer and stronger! Look forward to seeing you on the mat!


I found yoga in 2011 as a way to minimise the injuries I had been sustaining through exercise. I didnt expect to become so instantly hooked and quickly experienced many benefits both physically and mentally. In 2016 I took the plunge to become a teacher and trained in Vinyasa/Hatha styles.

After attending my first Hotpod class I never looked back. For me its the perfect balance of everything I need from a yoga class: the flow, the music, the light and the ambience. The teachers continue to push you physically whilst still allowing you to quieten your mind from the outside world. As a teacher my main aim is for to my classes to be accessible to all, playful and fun.

Outside of the pod I love weight training, listening to great music, travelling, spending time in nature and eating everything in sight.

See you on the mat soon!


Anna is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Functional Range Conditioning Coach with a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of movement disciplines from her career as a gymnast, acrobat, dancer and aerialist. Anna has taken all of her prior training and knowledge to develop her own system of training and coaching with a passion for helping people learn new skills, move with confidence and get both strong and mobile.




I was first introduced Into HPY back in 2015 as a full time mum looking for some ‘me time’. I loved it. From going back into the industry after a career break a few years earlier my journey into yoga progressed from Yoga, Tai Chi & pilates to wanting to complete my YTT and delve into the world of Hotpod. I can’t wait to share my experience of Hotpod with everyone.

Shannon Baggott

I’ve always been passionate about fitness and exercise since a young age. A dancer through my childhood, enjoying weightlifting, moving and keeping healthy is something I’ve always loved to do.
Yoga has the element of dance and fitness to it which is what first intrigued me; the aesthetics, flexibility and all the physical benefits.
As well as the physical benefits to yoga there are so many mental benefits. The way you can control, calm your body and mind down through practice whether it be with mediation or flowing through postures energising the body and stilling the mind. Yoga is the perfect way to give something back to yourself and feel restored and uplifted.

I was instantly hooked when I found the pod and knew this is something I wanted to share with everyone. This led me to take the step to do my RYS200 hour Teacher training with Hotpod Yoga.
Teaching classes which are accessible to anyone, flowy, energetic and uplifting is my favourite thing to do.
Hope to see you soon!


Kaz is a qualified Vinyasa yoga teacher, a Les Mills Body Balance Instructor. She
has a passion for ensuring her participants get the maximum effort from their
yoga practice – whether they are seasoned or not!
Every day is a school day
there is nothing that cannot be learnt or experienced from her class. Everyone
will feel a sense of achievement from the yoga practice as well as strength
Kaz has been practicing yoga for the past 15 years along with a busy day job
family life. Taking time out for her own practice and qualifying as a yoga teacher
is a true testament to her commitment in creating a calmer & fitter planet.

Yvonne Cridland

After years of practising yoga intermittently, Yvonne started a regular practice of Ashtanga. From this the true mental and physical benefits of yoga became clear to her and this inspired her to try many different types of yoga including Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa. Yvonne then began to attend Hotpod and straight away became hooked! Being a primary school teacher, Yvonne has a real passion for teaching so then decided to combine this passion with her love of yoga! In 2019 she went on to undertake her Level 3 Diploma in Yoga followed by her Hotpod training in London.
Yvonne’s classes will leave you feeling energised and uplifted whilst also leaving you with a more calm and focused mindset.

Naomi Hampton

Janice Kelly

Jan began her yoga journey in 2014 when she joined Hotpod Yoga Solihull to complement her running and immediately became addicted to the challenging classes in the unique heated environment and atmosphere created in the pod! The natural step for Jan was to complete her Yoga Teacher Training with Hotpod Yoga which she achieved in 2018. Jan’s classes will be strong and fluid leaving you invigorated and uplifted.


Liberty’s yoga journey began in 2014 at Hotpod Yoga Solihull. After trying one class she was completely hooked by the immersive beauty of the pod as well as the high energy classes. Having worked in the fitness industry for many years Hotpod Yoga brought a completely different dimension to her perception of fitness so in 2018 Liberty completed her Yoga teacher training with Hotpod Yoga. Liberty’s classes will be high on energy and will leave you feeling lifted and refreshed.

the founder

Liberty Selvester-Webb

Liberty was born and brought up in Birmingham. She found Hotpod Yoga several years ago and it changed her perception of yoga, she left her first class feeling energised, wanting more. After attending Hotpod regularly, she made the decision to do her teacher training with Hotpod Yoga at the Brixton HQ. She felt so passionate about Hotpod, she knew this was something she had to share with as many people as possible. So she decided to take the leap and bring her very own Hotpod to Redditch, where she could share the benefits with her local community and make it accessible to as many people as possible.

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