You’ll find us at the front of Moorside Business Park. We have 3 parking spaces directly infront and there is an additional visitors car park at the end of the road that passes infront of the units (please note, the visitors car park has a maximum stay for 2 hours).

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You'll find us at the entrance of Moorside Business Park (near to where Rollerworld used to be). We have 3 parking spaces in front of the building and there is an additional visitors car park to the right (please note, the visitors car park has a maximum stay for 2 hours). Please DO NOT park in any other businesses parking spacing regardless of time of day). To get to the visitors car park please drive along the left side of the building, around the back of the business park and you'll enter into the back of the car park. Drive up towards the top of the car park. To the spaces that back onto the post office.


Zach has always been a keen fitness enthusiast. He likes to keep 3 pillars at the forefront of his practice and teaching:
1. Calm the nervous system to alleviate any stresses
2. Deepen connection, self-awareness and presence.
3. Build resilience, focus, strength and mobility.

Yoga has the power to bring forward tremendous growth for anyone, on and off the mat.


Shane began his yoga journey in 2019 after a change in jobs as a way to slow things down. His first experience of yoga was on a foam mat in front of TouTube, and he never looked back. After attending classes and practicing with a teacher 1-2-1 he flew to Majorca and completed his training in the October of 2020.

Shane’s response to anyone who tell him they can’t touch their toes is to “just bend their knees because why does anyone need to have straight legs” cementing his belief that anyone can come to one of his classes and enjoy every aspect of it, be it the physical postures, the breathwork or the quieter periods.

Shane’s classes are light-hearted and relaxed, finding a balance between focus and fun – “because if you’re not having fun, then what’s the point?”



Getting into movement later in life, Holly had been exploring lots of different ways to engage with her body and back in 2018 she tried Asana (Yoga postures) for the first time.
Of course she loved the physical, but once Holly started going to studio classes, she discovered all the other incredible aspects of the Yoga practice.

The more Holly learned, the more compelled she felt to share her experience and by April 2021 her teaching journey had begun.

Holly’s training encompassed Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa and since, she has gone on to teach all these forms of practices. Plus Holly also loves being able to provide Chair Yoga classes locally. Yoga is for everybody and Holly’s classes are a reflection of her continued intention to invite everyone to benefit from the ‘tricks and treats’ our Yoga practice can gift.



Abi completed her Yoga teacher training in February 2023. At the beginning it was a journey of self-discovery and from it her passion for yoga grew. Along her way she discovered new depths of herself, and it opened up lots of avenues for exploring other holistic practices.

Abi feels it’s really important for everyone to be able to access yoga without a perception that you have to fit the social criteria – the asana (poses) are such a small percentage of the practice! Abi likes to empower and encourage everyone to be their best self!


Having practiced yoga for over 10 years, discovering all the amazing benefits it has to offer, Rachel’s mission as a yoga teacher is to create a welcome space for anyone and everyone to move, breathe and connect with their body. Rachel encourages her students to listen to their body, move intuitively and compassionately, and most importantly… to have fun!


Chloe completed her Yoga teacher training in 2020. She loves to share positive energy in her classes, encouraging her students to become self empowered with a welcomed challenged feeling. Chloe especially loves inspiring students and helping them to discover the amazing benefits of yoga.


Melissa’s yoga journey started 8 years ago. She was mesmerised by all kinds of yoga poses on Instagram and thought what the hell let’s give it a go. Melissa began to attend 1 or 2 classes a week. As her flexibility improved, she grew ever more intrigued by the philosophy of yoga and how this practice was helping her in day to day life. She was lucky enough to be able indulge in her passion and undertake a teacher training course at The Same Star Yoga School.

If you would have told a younger version of Melissa that she would be teaching yoga today her response would be “No Way! You can’t stand on your head and bend like that!” And the TRUTH is, she still can’t. However, yoga is an individual practice, and everyone comes to the mat for a different reason.

Melissa believes that yoga classes should be fun, we should enjoy the journey and not the destination!


In 2010 Natasha completed her BWY Yoga teacher training and since then has been teaching yoga full time to all kinds of abilities. Natasha is also a qualified Pilates teacher, holds a first honours degree in complementary medicine and health sciences and has a four year diploma in homeopathy which she previously practiced for 10 years.


Studio owner of Hotpod Yoga Colchester. Zoe first tried hot yoga when she was 18 and instantly fell in love with the feeling it gave her. She wants to encourage as many people to give yoga a go even if they thinks it’s not for them as she has seen the benefits it has given her and people around her.

Zoe completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in July 2023 with Hotpod Yoga. Zoe’s classes are suitable for all levels and encourages students to focus inwards, while also being light-hearted and fun!

the founder

Zoe Young

Zoe first discovered hot yoga when she was 18, she immediately fell in love with the feeling she had after class and quickly became obsessed. Life and traveling meant hot yoga was paused for a few years, but once settled she found Hotpod Yoga Cambridgeshire whilst living in Newmarket and instantly fell in love with the ‘pod’ experience. At the time she was working as a mortgage adviser and spent her days full of stress, always working, and honestly felt miserable. She knew she had to change something, and happened to notice the ‘become a franchisee’ page on the Hotpod App and decided to reach out to Hotpod! After realising this was possible, Zoe relocated to Colchester, and started working towards her very own franchise journey. Yoga has helped Zoe deepen her awareness of her mind and body, improve mobility and aid recovery after heavy gym sessions. Zoe wants to help as many people as possible discover the benefits that yoga can bring to them.

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