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You’ll find us at the Warwickshire Shopping Park, opposite PureGym and Tribe Gymnastics and Cheerleading. Head towards the Card Factory and you’ll be heading towards the right direction. There is a large carpark, though it can be hard to find a space closer to the studio during peak hours, but there is free parking for 4 hours. There is already a buzz going around the retail park that a yoga studio will be opening, so come find us tucked away in the corner!

studio facilities

  • Showers
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the hotpod experience

step into our immersive pod

hot yoga in 37 degree heat

move to relaxing beats

filled with calming scents

suitable for all levels

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Unit 7, Warwickshire Shopping Park, Kynner Way, Coventry, England, CV3 2SB, GB

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Since 2013, over 100,000 people have immersed themselves in a Hotpod class at one of our 50+ locations around the world. You’ll stretch further, breathe deeper, sweat harder and melt fully into the Hotpod experience – a balanced flow of active and passive postures, working the body and calming the mind in equal measure. You’ll immediately find yourself a million miles away from the every day. To understand it, you’ve got to experience it. You will find Hotpod Yoga Coventry located at the Warwickshire Shopping Park with 4 hours free parking. To find us on foot walk towards Card Factory and the Cancer Research store, you will find us on the corner opposite Tribe and PureGym. We offer discounts to NHS staff, students and also for local businesses whom we've created partnerships with. Please visit: https://hotpodyoga.com/studios/coventry/ or email: [email protected] if you have any questions. We hope to see you in the purple pod!

Katie Groves

I discovered yoga whilst completing my teaching degree at the Royal Academy of Dance in London, seeking to cross train for my general wellness. I fell so in love with yoga and it has been my antidote to the stresses and demands of having a busy life. Practising in the heat has taught me to pause, create space for myself and furthered my understanding of breath work, body awareness and mind-body connection. My classes are feel-good, energetic and focus on the art of being able to stay truly present. I welcome all yogi’s with any level of experience to the mat and have a personalised teaching approach. You will leave my class feeling brighter, calmer and stronger! Look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Russell Berry

About twenty years ago I attended my first yoga class and immediately found it to be a safe and practical way to strengthen and revitalise the body and to promote a calm and positive state of mind. I liked the fact that it can be practised almost anywhere with little or no equipment, and I learned that there is much more to yoga than strength and flexibility.

I found that the fundamental yogic principle of ‘ahimsa’ aligned with my lifestyle aims and ethical beliefs, and learning how to unite breath with movement was quite a revelation, helping me to cultivate peace and steadiness in all areas of life. This meditative element is so important for wellbeing, and is something I try to encourage in classes.

In 2017 I completed my teacher training with a Hatha yoga tutor from the Sivananda tradition, and have since practised many different styles, as well as Pilates and calisthenics, while regularly returning to Bikram and Ashtanga for grounding and focus. In my own practice and teaching I borrow freely from everything I have learned and enjoy passing on that empowering feeling of being ‘in the flow’!

Jessica Box

It was during my dance training in London that I discovered the sacred practice of yoga. Yoga become my sacred space where I could surrender, connect and rediscover my present-self. I always had a passion for movement, I dedicated 8 years, guided by wonderful teachers, delved deep into mindfulness, breathwork and the importance of alignment. Hot pod has created such a warm, nurturing space, where you can explore your bodies, release stagnant energies and embrace your authentic self. I’m grateful to guide others at Hot pod, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a curious newcomer, I welcome you with open arms. Step onto the mat and let everything unfold.

Laina Lovegrove

Laina’s love for yoga started back in 2008, when she walked into a yoga class not even being able to touch her toes, but rather than feeling defeated and never going back to another yoga class, she saw this as a real challenge and never gave up. 

Laina has been teaching yoga for over 10 years, alongside being a qualified Personal Trainer. Her approach to yoga is one that is very dynamic, achieves results and is fast flowing whilst being creative with the asanas and flow.

Laina’s main goal in life is to be able to teach people how to move freely in without pain.
Yoga is very much a part of her everyday life, as she knows the benefits it has had not only on her body, but also her mind.

Donna Miller

My journey with yoga started 7 years ago. I was dealing with disordered eating and a breakdown of a relationship. I was depressed, disconnected, and unfulfilled.

After previous failed attempts at yoga I decided to give it one more try. This time there was no ego trying to to attempt every asana. This time I listened to my teacher and my body and utilised my breathe which helped relax my monkey mind. I learnt how to truly sit with myself and became more mindful.

Yoga has taught me many things. Ultimately, when I leave a yoga class I feel connected, peaceful and revitalised.

All you need to practice yoga is an open mind and open heart.

Carla Louise Pike

Carla was introduced to the world of yoga over 15 years ago. After her first experience of Hot Yoga the sheer bliss she experienced in the heat fascinated her and after years of continuous ever-evolving self-practice and personal growth she felt it a natural progression to train as a yoga teacher.
Having a passion for teaching and working with people, with experience of teaching scuba diving as well as yoga all over the globe Carla is excited to able to share her passion and knowledge of the magical world of yoga and how it has the ability to touch and transform lives.
Carla is a passionate, caring and considerate teacher with over 450 RYT hours of training currently under her belt she is able to teach and deliver a vast range of asana (yoga) styles/disciplines, ranging from dynamic to restorative as well as offering hands on assists with permission. She aims to create a space where students feel empowered and inspired and that they leave the class feeling energised and uplifted.
Her teaching has a strong emphasis on breath to deepen and anchor the practice, with a fine balance of challenge and calm, encouraging you to find your happy place and helping you to remember to always keep smiling.
“Yoga helps us centre and balance our lives in a way that keeps us naturally happy, healthy and emotionally stable”.

Carla’s teaching methods are inclusive, catering for all levels; providing space and guidance for her students to learn and grow at their own pace on and off the mat through the ancient practice and teachings of yoga.
She looks forward to sharing her passion with you on the mat and will be there to great you with a big smile.

Chanelle Jarrett


I’m Chanelle, I found my love for yoga over 14 years ago. As soon as I attended my first Ashtanga class I knew I would be doing yoga for the rest of my life. I have been teaching since 2013 having completed my teacher training in London, Bali and Mexico .

I teach and specialise in various yoga styles including Dynamic,Power,Vinyasa,Yin and Restorative to name just a few of my favourites .When I attended my first hot pod class I instantly fell in love and I am so grateful to be part of the family.

My goal and aim is to ensure everyone’s feels welcome, comfortable and safe within the yoga space . I love to challenge individuals and encourage those to step outside their comfort zone and to feel confident in their bodies.

I’m obsessed with how yoga makes me feel mentally, physically and emotionally. Join me on the mat so we can experience this together.

Heart Cruz

I am a mother, Yoga Teacher/ lifetime Student, Reiki practitioner, Sound Alchemist, doTerra Wellness Advocate and a registered Nurse. I completed my 250hr Yoga Teacher Training with Evolation Yoga and Level 2 certification and initiation to Usui Ryoho Reiki in 2018.

By sharing ancient philosophy and modern science, interwoven with the physical practice of yoga, I invite you to unlock the power of being present, to be more conscious, experience joy and pride in taking care of yourself. This journey will lead you where you needed to be and in time, you will build resilience and find ease.

Ravneet Kaur Virdee


My name is Ravneet and I am a part time yoga teacher, full time Medical Physicist. I am also a retired Bollywood dancer, but still love to dance now and then.

My love for yoga started with Ashtanga. My teacher was inspiring, strong and unique, and I believe the teacher is a big influence on the experience of a yoga class. What I love about Ashtanga is how the sequence stays the same, so you can see your progress. I noticed with the assists that I was given, what my body was capable of with the help of a knowledgeable instructor.

One thing I love about yoga, is how creating and flowing to a sequence reminds me of dance. Making a rhythmic, meditative state where you just know what is coming next so you can work on making it smoother with each practise.

Part of my background is astrophysics, and I love the concept of the unfathomable universe and feeling connected to it. I like using a variety of uplifting and intense postures to help you feel connected the the universe and in tune with the energy surrounding you you.

I look forward to guiding you soon. Love and light ??

Zoe Tsim

I found a love for hot yoga back in 2012 and immediately became addicted of the heat, sweat and positive effect it had her body. For many years, it was the only time I had to tune out the stresses and gruelling hours as a head chef and business owner back then.

Having had to travel 30+minutes to my “local studio”, I stumbled upon Hotpod Yoga in Worthing my hometown and instantly loved the pod, the smells of essential oils and the positive energy oozing from the teacher, studio and the other students. After selling my food business, I knew I wanted to continue being my own boss and loved the idea of owning my own Hotpod Yoga studio.

I never thought all those years ago as a yoga student that I would become a yoga instructor and also be opening my very own yoga studio.

Whether you are new to yoga have dabbled in the past or are a “yogi”, you will be welcomed with a friendly face and can expect a warm feeling from the heat, a chance to raise your heart rate as well as time to calm the mind away from the the daily grind and noise. As I liked to say to all my existing yoga students, “this is your body, your practice, you do not have to do all the postures”, so come and join me on the mat and find your Hotpod feeling!

Hotpod Yoga Coventry

the founder

Zoe was born in Shoreham-By-Sea and grew up in Worthing, where she first came across Hotpod Yoga. She instantly felt a connection with Hotpod Yoga having been addicted to hot yoga since she first started her practice in London back in 2012. She now lives in Coventry with her soon to be husband Alan, her son Rupert and Welsh Pembroke Corgi, Tofu. She is excited and eager to launch Hotpod Coventry as she had hoped to open in 2020, but for obvious reasons that didn't happen! She hopes to spread the passion she has for hot yoga and hopes to get the community addicted to the heat, sweat and feel good sensations from during and after a class. You will find her teaching and practising in the pod, as well as welcoming students in the studio and keeping it in tip top shape making it a pleasant and relaxing space.

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