Rhona Farrington

Rhona has a background in Psychology and Journalism and after a brief stint into the Fashion Magazine World she came to Yoga initially to find a balance in her busy life. She was impressed by the immediate impact and decided to pursue Yoga full-time. She has since been co-running several corporate as well as private retreats on Ibiza and was a founding member of a yoga coop in East London where she lived for 12 years. She first came across Hotpod in 2015 and soon became a regular. She is now looking forward to be taking it to the people of Berlin.

Sünne Messerschmidt

Sünne moved to Berlin in early 2000 where she obtained a degree in Anthropology. During her studies however she further developed her interest for music and soon landed several gigs as the DJ team Aline & Suné. The hectic nightlife can have a strain on you physically and mentally so she came to yoga looking for a balance and a softer approach. In early 2014 she did her Teacher Training in New York and has since been teaching at Peaceyoga Berlin. She has also been working as assistant showroom manager for lululemon athletica which has given her great insights and contacts into the world of yoga and sports. Sünne is full of excitement for Hotpod Yoga Berlin to kick off.

Stassy Klotsikas

Stassy is a true Berliner as he was born and bred in this exciting city. He has a degree in media science and has been working in the field of film production. All his life he has been very into music and so it was only a matter of time until he started his career as a DJ. He was soon recognised all over the globe and so his exciting yet busy life began. With all the travelling and long nights he was searching for a balance. It was then that he bumped into yoga and he was impressed by how quickly the regular practice slowed down his fast paced life, cleared his busy mind and gained him physical fitness. He is excited to be a part of Hotpod Berlin and full of ideas.

The story so far

Sünne and Rhona have been friends for years. They are both yoga teachers coming from two different angles of the practise. They decided to join forces and have since been running seasonal yoga retreats on Ibiza. Stassy is always right there with them helping with the logistical stuff. He too has a deep love and understanding for the practice.

But it wasn’t until Rhona discovered Hotpod Yoga back in London that they decided to take their co-operation to the next level. Sünne and Stassy were impressed with the Hotpod concept, flew over to London, gave it a try and loved it. A few weeks later the Hotpod Yoga Berlin idea was born.